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The Contract

Post #1

Sally's package had arrived with the spanking implements. Inside, was a beautiful small, wooden paddle, it was called 'The Brat Tamer,' and It was a beautiful piece of workmanship. It was a thin, oval, cheek-to-cheek paddle without holes, and perfect for use over the knee. It would sting like mad and allowed for a long spanking, but wasn't brutal.There were two canes; a thin whippy rattan cane, and a heavy synthetic model. A pair of Lexan paddles were next, a round cheek-to-cheek model that looked like that toy with a rubber ball on a rubber band, as well a long one, similar to a school paddle with holes in it. It was about three inches wide and twenty inches long.The final implement was a tawse; a heavy leather strap with the business end split in two. The strap was a little stiff, so Sally got the neatsfoot oil out and applied a first coat. Soon it would be quite supple. The final items were two large books with 'Punishment Journal' embossed in gold on the cover.The girls were actually chipper when they arose, and seemed none the worse for wear. Matty's spanking the previous evening was given the same way as Patty's, but her reaction was very different. She had fought and whimpered more but didn't cry real tears or break down.After breakfast, they sat down and had a serious conversation. They read the contract Sally had downloaded from the internet. Sally had modified it, and typed it up, along with three pages of rules, one in black, another in blue, and the last one in red. The black-inked page was tiny infractions, like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, not cleaning their room, and leaving dirty dishes out. These were to be applied on a merit/demerit system.The girls would start each week with seven merits, one per day, since no one is perfect, and receive a demerit for each infraction. Each demerit would result in a single paddle swat on either cheek, over panties with the Brat Tamer. These demerits would accumulate over time until a sufficient number warranted a paddling, which would be given at the end of that week. The number of demerits would decrease at the beginning of each week with the seven merits. Merits could also be earned by exemplary behavior. Thus, good behavior counters bad.The blue page was medium offenses and carried more weight. This included breaking curfew, not calling in periodically, cursing, and insubordination. These would carry five to ten demerits. The red page was the serious offenses that would result in a stand-alone punishment. These rules were serious violations like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use, breaking curfew for over an hour, and stealing.Incredibly, to the girls, sex wasn't included in the rules anywhere. The girls were both virgins and didn't let raging hormones control their life. For two club girls, it was almost unbelievable. They loved to party, but sex wasn't on the menu. Matty had never even masturbated to climax.Sally explained this by telling them that they were young ladies and exploring their sexuality was normal and natural. She expected them Göztepe Escort to behave responsibly towards sex. 'No boys in their room with a closed door' was on the blue list.The red-letter punishments were to be given on bare skin at the minimum, up to fully nude with additional strokes on the thighs, using the cane or tawse, for breaking the same rule more than once. An addendum specified enhancements for specific offenses applied to the offending body part. Cursing or serious talking back would end in mouth soaping, and trying to protect their bottom during punishments would result in hand strapping with the tawse.Sally had every intention of molding these brats into fine young ladies.They discussed and argued over the contract at length. Sally had intentionally added extra rules and early curfews, so as to let the girls feel that they had won something. She even relented on a couple of real rules due to intelligent reasoning. Her respect for the girls rose several notches that morning. They had accepted the situation in their hearts, and were dealing with it like adults. Sally, as a token gesture, suspended the shared punishments, since each girl had her own journal. That made the girls very happy.There was the stipulation that once a punishment was delivered, the matter was settled, as well as a provision for postponement of a particular punishment if it interfered with plans. Sally wanted to be 100 percent fair. The final gesture was the twins would have complete freedom, and would never be grounded. Sally did insist on GPS locating on their phones.The only thing left to discuss was what implement to use for each offense, how many strokes would be given for the red-letter rules, and the number of demerits for the blue list. The blue list was quickly disposed of without much arguing. What remained was the implements and severity for the red-letter list.Sally told them it was time to experience the implements firsthand. The girls looked nervously at each other. Telling them they needed to feel what was in store for them if and when they broke the rules, Sally explained that it would also help them negotiate the severity of each punishment. She added a comment that chilled both girls. Every punishment would end in real tears, and the red-letter rules would probably produce tears from the beginning. She added that the punishment today would act as a credit toward future punishment.Each girl would receive three strokes or swats with each implement she showed them. They would be given throughout the day, so they would be completely recovered between each demonstration.Sally led them to the bathroom, and opened a new bar of soap. She told them this was for insubordination only. That was cursing in front of her, including outbursts during punishment, or serious talking back. She didn't want to hear cursing or back talk today.She wet the soap, lathered it, and told Matty to stick out her tongue. She wiped it twice on her tongue, told her to close her mouth for one minute Göztepe Escort Bayan then spit. Then she could brush her teeth.Matty made a horrible face and danced about. After a minute, she spit and grabbed her toothbrush."That's horrible," she told them.Patty didn't want to do it, but did. When the soap hit her tongue, she pulled away and spit in the sink. "Fuck THAT," she exclaimed. Her eyes got wide and she covered her mouth with both hands. "I'm sorry."Sally wet the soap more, grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and said, "open." She rubbed soap all in her mouth, then said, "bite down."She left the soap between her teeth for a solid minute, and let her rinse, but said, "You may NOT brush," and left the bathroom. Patty was crying and had snot coming from her nose.The girls went to their bedroom. Patty was clawing at her mouth and drooling. She swore that until the end of time, she would never curse again. Matty was amused and kept teasing her. Patty called her a bitch, then clamped her hands over her mouth. Matty was delighted at that.Sally called the girls downstairs. They were both still wearing their pajamas, per Sally's instructions.They saw an armless chair in the middle of the room. Sally motioned them over. She showed them the Brat Tamer, and told them this was what to expect for most punishment. She said the number of swats indicated was for each cheek. Three swats meant six total.Patty went first. She put herself across her aunt's lap, then felt her pajamas pulled down and panties smoothed out. Sally delivered three firm swats rapidly to each cheek, going back and forth. Patty was silent while feeling the burn. It hurt, but not enough to really matter. It wasn't that bad, really.Sally explained each individual swat wouldn't hurt much, it was about a build-up of heat, and this was only three swats, and to think about how twenty-five swats would feel.Matty took her place and Sally repeated the spanking. She squirmed but also wasn't that distressed.As they walked back to the bedroom with warmly glowing bottoms, the girls were thinking spankings weren't anything to worry about, and that it was better than grounding.That would change shortly.An hour later, they were called again. This time Sally was holding the small Lexan paddle. Matty went over the knee first, six swats followed. She let out a screech and fought to get away. As she got up and grabbed her bottom, it felt like her ass was on fire! She did a little dance and thought 'That fucking hurt!'Patty looked worried but took her place. Six swats and she too, was on fire, holding her butt and dancing.Sally had gone light with the Brat Tamer, its purpose was mostly to remind them to behave, not cause serious pain, but she had gone much harder with the Lexan. Its purpose was to punish, and she wanted the girls to understand the difference. She got her wish. Neither twin was happy with that fuckin' stingy thing.The girls were starting to worry. They finally realized that Sally was going from mildest to Escort Göztepe worst. That last one had really hurt. Not enough for tears, but extremely painful nonetheless.An hour passed.Next, was the long Lexan paddle with holes in it. She had them lower their pajamas and bend over the sofa, side by side. She told them that this paddle would always be on the bare; they both stood up and protested. She pointed the paddle at them, and they went back over. She lowered their panties to their knees. There was a tiny trace of pink on Matty's ass, Patty's was still white.She cracked the paddle into the first set of cheeks very hard. Matty howled, stood up, and clasped her bottom. As Sally cracked into the other twin, she, too, let out a screech, and stood up and grabbed her butt.Sally let them dance, since it wasn't a punishment, but only a demonstration. Had it been, they would've been in for extra punishment. Both twins had a pink stripe, the size, and shape of the paddle, on their butts.She ordered them back over the sofa. As one voice, they pleaded please don't. Sally insisted they bend over, and reluctantly they did. She warned them not to stand up again.The first swat had been in the middle of their butt. The second, harder swat, was just above the first. Both girls jerked up, but they stayed on the sofa. Matty howled again, but Patty kept quiet. Patty was barely holding back tears, but Matty was crying freely.The final swat, the hardest yet, was on the lower portion of their cheeks, where it meets the legs. As the final swat landed, Patty collapsed into tears on the floor, on her side, hugging herself, crying softly. Matty stood firm, but tears rolled freely down her face.Both bottoms were dark pink; red, where the stripes overlapped. Sally pointed out to them that this was only three swats, and to imagine how ten swats would feel, or even twenty.She left the girls sobbing, and gave them two hours to recover. The girls were thinking this wasn't such a good idea after all. They quickly recovered and decided it was probably better than sitting alone and bored on their bed.The next implement was the tawse. The girls were both frightened of that nasty strap, and begged for her not to do it. Their pleas fell on deaf ears. Sally led them to their room and stacked their pillows on the bed.Matty lay across the pillows; her bottom raised high. Sally pulled her pajamas down.The tawse was still a little stiff, but more supple than when it arrived. Sally had oiled it several times throughout the day. It was heavy and thick and would leave a deep long-lasting burn.She cracked the tawse across panty-clad cheeks. She followed through the stroke, not just bringing it down like a paddle. Matty screeched and rolled off the bed, hopping from foot to foot holding her bottom. Sally pointed at the pillows and Matty reluctantly went back over. She quickly delivered two strokes in a row, as Matty started bawling. Patty was white. She was backing away towards the door."Stop right there!" Sally barked. "I gotta know right now, before you any farther, do you want it to be worse?"Patty tentatively took Matty's place and felt her PJs being lowered. She resolved to stay in place and not cry. That lasted till the last stroke, then quiet tears fell. She was quietly sobbing into the comforter. The pain was like liquid fire.
03 Haziran 2023, at 11:06

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