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Wife Taken by Hunter's on Car Hood

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Wife Taken by Men on Hood of Car
This story happened in 1980.
My wife Becky and I had been married about 10 years. She was 28 and I was 32. We had been involved with threesomes, foursomes, etc. with friends in the past starting in college. This, however, was our first foray into the true swinging world. We had connected with a couple through a local swinger's magazine. We knew they were a little older than us but that was a turn-on for both of us. My wife Becky was 5'2", brown hair, brown eyes and Rubenesque. I was 6'2" and around 220 lbs. at the time. When we got to their lake house, we found the Linda to be about 45 years old, short dark-haired, petite and very attractive. She was small breasted but very fit. Unfortunately, we could not say the same about her husband. Jim was about 60, somewhat overweight and, believe it or not, had a surgically implanted penis pump. To achieve an erection, one had to pump a "testicle" and some type of internal balloon would create an erection of sorts. They obviously had not disclosed this and Becky, while a gamer, was put-off, to say the least. She forged on knowing I really wanted to fuck Linda, but she and Jim could never really get things going. Linda and I had no problem at all, except I am a good 8"inches and, Linda was used to little or no sex. She was so tight, she and I had to really work at it get her good and properly fucked. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with the night, but Becky was just very horny and pissed.
We said our goodbyes, promising to get together in a few weeks, but not knowing erotik film izle whether we would ever see them again. On our ride home, Becky was still very horny. I asked her if she wanted me to pull over on some remote dirt road and fuck her. We had a several hour ride to get home, so she was all for it. While we looked for the best place to do this, she had pulled up her cotton sun dress and, wearing no panties, started rubbing her pussy. I could hear how wet and gushy she was. I could also smell her. It was driving me crazy.
We finally found a dirt road that led off to a vacant field. I pulled over our red Firebird and we got out. She turned her back sloped hood, lay back and tried to spread her legs. The hood was so slick from being polished, she could not stay up on the hood unless I held her in place. I had dropped my pants and had begun fucking her, but she moved all over the place and we just burst out laughing. We were both ready to hump a tree by now, so I unzipped her dress, pushed it down over her ass and legs to the ground. I pulled off my shirt but left my pants around my ankles. Now her ass would really stick to the hood and we were fucking each other's brains out. I would bend over and eat her out then stand up straight and put it to her again. This went on for 10 or 15 minutes when looked up and to our left were two men watching us with gaping mouths. They were obviously hunters based on their clothes and their rifles. We tried to cover ourselves, but they begged Becky to let them look at her first. I looked at her words wouldn't film izle come. She looked at me grinning and said, "OK fellows. Get your eyes full! Have a good long look." I looked at her with a little grin and said under my breath, "You sure?"
She just looked at them and spread her legs. She was so horny, she was breathing hard, her nipples were hard as erasers and bigger than I had ever seen them. Her gash was leaking all over the car and the hunters could see it. She twisted her nipples and fingered her cunt. The guys were unbuckling their pants and shedding their clothes as quickly as they could. Becky had always had a little bit of the exhibitionist in her and, that combined with seeing me fucking Linda a couple hours earlier had her libido in overdrive. After my initial shock, I was all for it. The guys were completely nude now and sporting very eager erections, both more than adequate to satisfy my horny wife. Becky lay back elbows on the sloping hood any spread her legs wide. The first hunter put his arms under her knees and pulled her to him. With no hands available, he moved his, pulsing, swinging dick up to her pussy, let it lay between her lips and shoved. She made a single grunting noise, threw her head back, bit her lower lip and without a word the guy started hammering her. She was cumming almost instantly and encouraging the man to give it to her. Goddamn! She was sexy. He lasted all of five minutes and his ass contracted and he shouted, "Fuuucccck!" and filled her womb.
He rested a few seconds and pulled out of her pussy with a plop. She seks filmi izle lay there breathing in and out as his seed ran out of her onto the Firebird's hood. The second man walked between her legs and, like his friend, lifted her splayed legs and said, "Goddamn! Look at that gooey pussy!" and like his companion, shoved his meat into my wife. His cock was at least as long as mine but had much more girth. She didn't make a sound when he speared her cunt. The previous load squished out of her and around his cock. That was hot as hell. I couldn't wait for my sloppy thirds. She looked up at him through lidded eyes, and the message was clear to us all.
"Fuck me now..."
And did he ever. He drove his cock into her like a jackhammer and that big cock rocked her world. She began to cum continuously, shaking her head from side to side. Curling her toes and bucking her pussy up at him, trying to get as much of his meat into her as possible. After at least 10-15 minutes, when she was at her limit, he growled, shoved into her cunt as hard as he could and unloaded deeper into than she had ever experienced. He lay on top of her, gathering his wits. She just lay there, her legs splayed out in a truly slutty manner. Man, she was a special woman. The hunters got dressed, kissed my still prone wife, and walked off into the woods.
Becky lay on the hood of the car, leg spread and cum running from her pussy. She looked so sexy and slutty. I loved it. She looked at me and beckoned me over. I leaned into between leg legs and slid my cock into her sloppy pussy and kissed her. She sighed and I made slow love to her and when I had added my load to her already ravaged cunt, I helped her dress, I put on my clothes and we headed home. I was one of the most erotic sexual experiences of our life.
14 Ocak 2022, at 10:55

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