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Something Extra This Way Comes

Post #1

My name is Steve Larsen and for as long as I can remember, I?ve loved Laura Martin. Since grade school she has lived 3 doors down from me. We shared our first kiss when she was 8 and I was 9 and we?ve had our ups and downs over the years, but we?ve shared a unique friendship. We would compete for grades, while all the time helping each another study. Laura was beautiful, bright, and had a sparkling sense of humor. I could trust her with any secret and in times of trouble, there was no one that I could count on like Laura.

It was in our teen years that the problems began. Laura matured to adulthood, with sandy blonde hair, blue gray eyes, standing 5?8? on a very slim frame. People sometimes thought that we were brother and sister, as I am a slim 5?11? with similar coloring. I can?t really say when we started dating as we were always doing things together anyway, but it was a stormy process for us. We were emotionally intimate in that we knew one another?s secret ambitions, fears, and weaknesses, but it was ironic that we never moved very far along physically.

Up until my 3rd year of college, when I transferred out of state to complete my engineering degree, I had never done more than kiss Laura and touch her breasts. At first I thought that she was being a tease, but later there were many steamy nights at the drive-in theater when I was certain that she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I am a little ashamed to admit that I really pressured her for sex on a few occasions and even threatened to break up with her. Laura was always her own girl, and my pushing never paid off. However, a few times she let things go a little farther than intended, so with a trembling hand she would unzip my pants and gently stroke my aching erection to a rapid but incredible orgasm. Of course this happened only on those occasions when it was her idea, and it was always a complete surprise to me. I came to the conclusion that she was just a little bit old fashioned in her attitudes and was waiting until she was married to have sex.

For the two years that I was away at school, I had a number of girlfriends and shared a lot of sex, but I never felt a special attachment to anyone. Don?t get me wrong, I could get used to getting laid regularly, but I never met anyone I could get serious about. It was fun but there was no one that I wanted to build a life with. Last month I returned home after graduating with the idea of kicking back at Mom and Dad?s for a few months before the job search got serious. Well OK, maybe I also wanted to give Laura and I one last shot. She was never very far from my thoughts.

I was pleased to discover that Laura hadn?t been dating seriously and we easily fell back into our old relationship. God I missed Laura, but she was once again driving me crazy. It was wonderful to talk with her for hours on end or share a movie, but I knew that we couldn?t go on like this forever. It was time for action.

I asked Laura if she would like to go to Benson Lake for a picnic. We have a private spot there that we have shared from time to time. We arrived about noon and hiked the 2 miles in with a picnic basket, an armful of blankets, and a small cooler. We spread our blankets in a tiny grass clearing and I sat down beside her. Laura smiled at me and her hair looked radiant in the sunshine. I don?t think I had ever loved her more than at that very moment.

?I?ve got something I want to tell you,? I said. ?I?ve learned something while I was away at college.?

?I hope it had something to do with being an engineer?, she giggled.

?More important than that. I learned that I couldn?t be without you.?

?You?re sweet,? she said as I slipped my hand under her hair at the back of her head and pulled her close. She tilted her head back for a kiss, but I grazed my lips along her cheek and moved my lips to her ear. Her hair smelled of apples and sunshine.

?Will you marry me, Laura,? I asked, as I reached into my pocket? She pulled back her head and looked at me like a deer staring into the headlights as I opened the box with the diamond solitaire. I showed her the ring and she turned ashen gray and tears welled up.

?It?s beautiful,? she said as she lowered her gaze and refused to look me in the eye.

?Uh oh,? I said. ?This wasn?t the reaction I was hoping for.? Long moments passed before she spoke.

She looked up into my eyes as a large tear rolled down her cheek. ?There?s something I haven?t told you. You see, I don?t think that I can have children,? she choked.

I thought for another long moment and said, ?Well, I guess I?d always thought of myself being a dad someday. Do you suppose we could adopt??

?Yeah, I guess that?s what I?d want too,? she said as she fell silent again.

?So are we OK?, I asked as I tilted her head up to look in her eyes?

The tears started flowing in earnest now and she rolled onto her side in fetal position as sobs racked her slender frame. Laura wasn?t one to cry over nothing. She was so visibly upset, erotik film izle I was certain that something was seriously wrong.

?What?s wrong honey? What is it??

?Oh, Steve. I?ve been thinking about this day forever. Oh God, I?m going to lose you now.?

?What do you mean, ?lose me?? I love you, honey. Tell me what?s wrong.?

?I?m so sorry, I know it was wrong to keep it from you, but I didn?t want to drive you away. I?ve been so selfish, but I just couldn?t help it?

?You can tell me anything, honey. I know you, and you couldn?t have done anything bad enough to make me stop loving you.?

After a few minutes she calmed down enough to speak. ?I haven?t done anything. It?s just that I have to tell you something.? She took a deep breath and continued, ?I was born with a birth defect. Oh Jesus, she sobbed ?

I hugged her close to me. My mind was racing as I tried to imagine what could be causing her such distress. ?Go on honey, I love you. It?s going to be Okay.?

?It?s just that I was?.Oh, Christ?.I was born with?..well, the doctors call it ?ambiguous genitalia?. I?ve got this thing down there that looks like a little penis where my clit should be?.I mean it?s huge,? she sobbed. ?I had testicles, but they never descended, so they stayed inside. When I was little, the doctor and my parents decided it was best to remove the testicles so that I wouldn?t have competing hormones. I was supposed to have cosmetic surgery when I was about 12 to try to fix things, but my parents were afraid to do anything in case it didn?t go well, so nothing ever happened. We never talk about it at my house. I?ve never really talked about it with anyone.?

I flopped down on my back and covered my eyes with my hands.

?I?m so sorry Steve. I didn?t mean to hurt you. We can go now, just please promise not to tell anyone.?

?You don?t understand,? I said, ?I thought for a minute there was something life threatening or terminal. I thought it was something we couldn?t get past.?

Things were beginning to make sense now, the way she avoided intimacy, how she dressed conservatively in loose skirts rather than tight slacks. She never went swimming, didn?t like to dance too close, why she?d never let me past 2nd base.

?I wish you had told me along time ago. It must have been a hell of a burden on you to keep this secret. How about from now on, no more secrets between us??

?Okay, Steve,? she replied. ?Would you just hold me for a while??

?Sure,? I said as we snuggled together in the warm sun. ?You really should have told me, you know.?

?I know.?

After relaxing for about 20 minutes, I whispered in Laura?s ear, ?So you never gave me an answer. Will you marry me??

?Not yet,? she said. ?To be fair to you, I think we should make love first. I know you mean well, Steve, but let?s be sure about this. It may not be like you think. How can you be sure that you really want this??

She reached up and undid the top button of my shirt. I started on her blouse and soon I was seeing the tops of her milky white breasts above her simple cotton bra. I slowly pulled a strap down her shoulder exposing a puffy pink nipple. I grazed it with my thumb a couple of times as it grew and stiffened. She sat up to allow me access to the clasp at her back.

?If I?d known, I?d have worn something sexier,? she breathed.

?I like simple. I think it suits you better.?

I slid her bra off, exposing her firm, B-size breasts, running my tongue around a growing nipple. I slowly slid my hand down her flat abdomen under the waist of her shorts, when her hand grasped my wrist.

?Could we do this my way this time,? she asked?

?Of course, honey, whatever you want.?

We brushed lips and I kissed her deeply. Our tongues danced and her breathing deepened as she undid the button on my shorts and slid my zipper down. She reached into my briefs and gently grasped my burning erection.

?You nasty boy, you?re always ready,? she teased as she turned to undo her own shorts. She pulled a blanket over us and reached down to slide her shorts over her ankles while I did the same. We slid together and locked in a tight embrace and I cupped her lovely white ass as I ran my fingers up and down her crack. A fingertip slipped in and out of her slippery blonde slit. Her lubrication flowed and I could feel the urgency in her kisses as she rolled onto her back. She grasped my member and guided the head to her soaking entrance.

?Please,? she said. ?Be careful, please.?

?I will Honey.?

I slowly eased the head of my cock into her virgin channel. It was tighter and hotter than anything I had ever felt. When I was half way in, I gently rocked back and forth, barely moving in and out. Her hips slowly started to match my rhythm as I lowered myself closer and closer to Laura until I felt her nipples on my chest. Her breathing became ragged in my ear and I could feel her oversized clit rubbing back and forth on my abdomen. I increased film izle the depth of my strokes as Laura increased the pace with her hips, urging me onward. Her slippery clit rubbed against my belly as I slammed the full length of my cock into her eager pussy. She thrust her hips to match each stroke. Laura?s eyes widened and locked onto mine as her mouth made the shape of an ?O?. It had been so long since I had been with a woman; I knew I couldn?t last much longer. I thrust my last few strokes, pumping months of pent up sperm into her convulsing canal. Laura?s knees pulled back into her armpits and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as I continued plunging faster and deeper. Her body spasmed and a pink flush spread over her chest as thick, gooey spurts of cum pulsed from her little penis, coating both of our bellies. As our thrusting slowly coasted to a stop, I looked at her as a tear coasted down her cheek into her ear. She avoided my eyes as I asked her what was the matter. She turned away and refused to look at me.

?I?ve made a big icky mess. I tried so hard not to cum. I just wanted to feel like a normal woman for you instead of some kind of freak. I just couldn?t help it.?

?This isn?t any problem, it happens to me all the time,? I said as I grabbed my briefs and started mopping up. I finally got a look at her genitals, which looked absolutely normal, except for her ?clit?, which looked like an uncircumcised penis about the size of your thumb. I lowered my head to her lap and licked her juices from the shaft and head and under her foreskin. I took her fully in my mouth, gently sucking and tonguing. I felt her start to grow and heard her suck in her breath as I worked my mouth up and down over her little shaft. She grew very hard to about 4-1/2? long as I bobbed my head and slid 2 fingers into her sopping pussy. Soon, her knees pulled back and her hips gained a life of their own. She fucked my face and I plunged my fingers into her G-spot, over and over. She grasped my hair as she humped her cum into my mouth. She held my head in place as she went super sensitive and couldn?t stand any more stimulation. It was an odd sensation as I swallowed her salty, stringy cum.

Laura was quiet for a long time afterward.

?Okay, no more secrets Laura, remember? What are you thinking??

?Well, I?m not feeling very ladylike, but I?m glad I didn?t disgust you and that you didn?t run away and leave me in the woods. I?m also thinking that it felt really, really good,? she said with a little smile.

?I think you?re incredibly feminine and I love that I can please you so easily. I?ve never made a girl cum twice in ten minutes before, especially the first time we ever made love. I don?t think sex will ever be a problem for us.?

?Maybe we could get married then,? Laura smiled.

I slid the ring onto her finger and she beamed. She flashed her hand around, admiring the stone from all angles. ?It?s beautiful, Steve, but you shouldn?t have. It must have cost a fortune.?

?If you?re still wearing it when we?re old and gray, it will have been a great deal.?

?I will be,? she said.

Laura arched her back and stretched like a cat in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

?I?ve never really sunbathed before, especially nude,? Laura remarked. ?I?ve never wanted anyone see me before.?

?I know what you mean,? I responded.

?What, are you the shy type all of a sudden,? she teased?

?Not exactly, it?s just that you and I kind of have the opposite problem. You see, I?m smaller than average down there. It?s kind of short and really skinny. I?ve always felt self conscious about it.?

?It doesn?t seem to be an issue for us, though,? she chided as she teased my prick with her fingertips, causing it to stir and twitch. ?I can fix that anyway. Look, It?s growing,? she giggled as she slowly stroked the shaft. She leaned down to kiss me, her hair making a canopy around our faces. Although my cock was very slim and only about 5? inches long, it still ached with desire.

Laura slid down my body and wrapped her fist tightly around my shaft and slowly pumped. She licked a drop of pre-cum off the head of my penis and tasted it. After a moment?s evaluation, she started pumping again and slipped her lovely mouth around the purple head. She slowly increased the pace, her hot, slippery mouth bobbing up and down with her fist, applying exquisite suction. She looked up at me questioningly as she sucked me faster and faster.

?Oh Honey, I?m so close.? I couldn?t help but thrust a little with my hips. She tightened her grip and sucked me even harder. I knew I wouldn?t last much longer.

?Oh Baby, here it comes,? I warned her. She released her hand and buried her nose into my abdomen as my cock bounced off the back of her throat in thrust after thrust.

?I?m cumming?.cumming?.cumming,? I panted as volleys of thick white cream spurted down the back of her throat. I felt her throat spasm in waves as she gulped my cum. I slowed my thrusts and started seks filmi izle to ease out of her mouth, feeling super sensitive.

?That was fantastic,? I said, feeling lightheaded. Laura gently vacuumed every last drop from my softening penis.

?Was I OK? I just tried to copy what you did to me.?

I reached my hand to her cheek and wiped a bit of cum from the corner of her mouth with my thumb. ?Oh Sweetie, it was perfect, just perfect.?

?I?ll be right back,? she said as she arose and walked a few feet to the base of a tree. She stood before it with her feed spread and from my vantage point I could see the furry blonde lips of her pussy gaping and glistening from the slick juices of our lovemaking. A stream of urine ran down the trunk and pooled between her feet as she emptied her bladder. I didn?t know exactly what I was getting into, but I knew I liked it.

That evening we went over to Laura?s house, as her parents were away for the weekend. We spent the night kissing and cuddling on the couch, watching movies and feeding one another snacks. We made slow, gentle love on the couch and went upstairs to sleep in her bed.

In the morning I slowly drifted from sleep to a pleasant semi-consciousness. I was lying on my side with Laura?s arm draped across my midsection. I could smell her scent in the pillow and my penis ached with a morning erection. I felt Laura?s hand slowly slide down to my abdomen, stroking my belly and pubic hair, brushing against my straining cock. She gently wrapped her hand around it and very slowly started stroking me. As she slightly increased the pace, her body rocked against mine and I could feel her little shaft nudge my cheeks apart. All of a sudden it dawned on me, she was seducing me!

Her strokes lengthened on my cock and her hips began a gentle thrusting rhythm. Her growing organ became slippery with pre-cum as it now slid easily back and forth between my cheeks. My anus pulsed in time with her varying thrusts as she worked to gain entrance. As her fist flew up and down my length I wanted to cum so badly, but I wanted to reward Laura?s initiative. Her hot breath on the back of my neck was quick and ragged; I knew that she was close. We both were.

I pulled her hand off my organ and rolled to my stomach and tilted my hips slightly in the air. In an instant her entire length was in me to the hilt, sliding in and out. I adjusted the angle of my pelvis for maximum penetration and rocked back to meet each incoming push. Laura grunted with every thrust as she slammed her pubes into my ass. Faster and faster she went until I felt a tension building from deep within. The mother of all spasms started deep in my bowels in massive waves until my anus and cock were pulsing in time. Thick, sticky ropes of cum coursed out of me onto the linen as I felt Laura stiffen slightly.

?Oh?.Ahh?.Ahh?..Ohhh?.Ohhhh?.Ohhhhhhhh,? she groaned as thrust her cum deep into me. I could feel her hard, little prick slicken and twitch with her orgasm as my shrinking penis slid back and forth in a pool of spunk.

?Oh, baby, I?m so sorry,? she cooed.

?Why, honey?

?Sometimes I wake up so hard in the morning, I just have to take care of it. I should have taken care of you too,? she replied as she reached to stroke me.

?Yuck!? she giggled as she encountered my slippery organ and the lake of cum. ?I guess you?re OK after all.?

?Mmmm, I?m a lot better than OK.?

She disengaged with a little plop as I removed my tee shirt and mopped up our mess.

?I?d jump in the shower, but I can?t bear to leave you right now,? I said.

She had a pensive look on her face as she rolled away from me and looked out the window at the morning sky as it lightened.

?If someone throws me a bridal shower, I hope I get plenty of sheets,? she said, sleepily.


The sun was higher in the sky when I awoke for the second time. Laura was sleeping on her tummy with such a peaceful expression on her face. I had to smile at the way she was breathing so deeply with a gentle little snore. I hated to wake her, but if we were to get anything accomplished, it was time to get moving. I put my arm around her and nuzzled her neck just below her ear, but she barely stirred.

I rolled on top of her and whispered in her ear, ?Wake up sleeping beauty.?

My morning cock rested between her tight little cheeks. Damn, I should have gotten up earlier for a pee, but what the hell, this was feeling pretty good. I rocked slightly back and forth, but instead of slipping down into her slit, my prick slid up past her little button. Her hips responded as I rocked back and forth across her hole.

I grasped the shaft of my cock and directed it into her bottom and as it met resistance, Laura said, ?No. Get off me, please! Now!?

I rolled off her in surprise, worried that I had hurt her. She bounded off the bed and ran out of the room and down the hall.

?Are you OK Honey,? I called?

Then I heard pee hitting the toilet and the sounds of her rifling around in a cabinet. I laughed to myself as I imagined my girl standing to pee. The urine stream went on nearly forever until she flushed the toilet and returned holding a tube of KY jelly.
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