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Susan Loves Anal Ch. 02

Post #1

**Let me know if you would like more stories of Susan in the "Susan Loves Anal" series!**

Sue and I had just gotten home from a weekend camping trip. We were going to take a shower and get ready for dinner. We had finished our shower and had brushed our teeth. I finished in the shower and brushing my teeth before her, Susan was in the middle of brushing her teeth. She was bending over to rinse her mouth out. I happen to look back at her while she was bent over the sink. I saw her vagina, her butt, and perfect little asshole almost staring me in the face. Immediately, I was hard at such a beautiful sight.

I quickly opened a bottle of mineral oil and started to lube up my penis. When she wasn't looking I gently grabbed her left hip. She looked over her right shoulder and saw that I had my well-lubed penis in my right hand. She gasped and quickly spit the toothpaste out of her mouth.

Looking back over her shoulder again she laughingly remarked "What are YOU doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting ready to have some fresh heiney!"

She gasped again "Oh my god!" but this time with sexuality dripping from her voice.

I started to press my cock against her cute little butt hole. She inhaled quickly as my penis made contact with her rose bud. She gripped her toothbrush tighter and breathlessly said "Oh my god! My ass wasn't ready for your penis! I don't know if I can take it up there now."

"Oh, you can take it, all right. And you're gonna take it, too." I told her with total self-assurance.

Sue tried to finish brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth out as best she could with someone trying "to get a piece of tail". It was almost comical the way we carried on - Susan trying to finish up something so routine and me trying to hump her butt. Her body would jiggle a little as she brushed her teeth or turned the water faucet and I would try to hold her still as I pressed my cock against her asshole. A couple of times a throaty sound would come from her as she was finishing cleaning up.

I continued to push my cock against her asshole. Sue is really good at taking cock in her asshole, so I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to hurt her. I felt her anal sphincter pucker and loosen. It's a great feeling as her asshole relents and lets me in. In the end, I always get to go in the end. I didn't wait for her butt to get used to my penis. I moved in but went at a slow pace. Even though she's very good at taking in my cock, I didn't want her to cramp up and spoil the experience for her.

She finally tapped her toothbrush on the sink a couple of times then put her toothbrush back in the stand.

"Ok, ok. Let's get down to some good ass pumping." she said as she was wiping her mouth with a hand-towel.

That comment threw me for a loop and I almost blew my load in her backside erotik film izle before I even got a chance to pump her heart-shaped heiney.

"Ok! Now you're talkin'! Gimme that heiney!" I commanded.

"Ha!" she returned, "YOU gimme that COCK!"

Comments like that are what part of why I like our relationship so much; we could throw comments like those around and really mean it while also having a joking attitude.

Sue started to straighten up her torso slightly but was still bent over the sink. I could see her face in the mirror above the sink. She bit her lower lip and then gave me a little grin as she breathlessly said, "You're really liking this, aren't you?"

"Oh yeah!" I said back to her. "Butt fucking is what we do best, isn't it?" I asked.

"You bet," she affirmed "My butt is going to devour to penis. You may have started this but I'm going to end it. Get ready for some hardcore butt-fucking!" Susan commanded.

With that comment, she reached back to grab my hips and forced me right between her cheeks. I couldn't believe it. Just a minute ago she said that her butt couldn't fit my penis and now she was forcing my cock into her ready asshole. I thought I was dreaming.

"Ok, you asked for it." I told her. I didn't wait for any prompting. I grabbed her hips as my little "handles" and started pounding her ass.

"OH GOD, YES!" she said in a guttural voice. "GIMME THAT COCK! MAKE me take it! Don't let me have a break for one second."

"We're doing something bad." I reminded her "We're doing something we shouldn't be doing. In fact, we might get into a LOT of trouble doing this. You know what it means if you ask for it in the 'bad place'? It means you're a 'bad girl'. And you know what it means if you like it in the 'bad place'? It means you're a naughty girl. You know what happens to naughty girls don't you?" I asked.

"What?" she replied in a guttural voice.

"It means that you have to get spankings." and with that I started slapping the palm of my hand against her smooth heiney. Each whacking caused Susan to jump slightly. Every time she jumped her rosebud would jiggle slightly and tighten slightly on my cock.

"I don't want to hear you whine about it." I spanked her. "You just take it, you little anal slut."

By now she was actually growling each time I thrusted into her anal cavity or spanked her. She had lifted her left hand up to her mouth and was actually sucking on her thumb.

We were in some sort of a fury; we had achieved ?angry anal? ? that state of sexual height where we were trying to ?out anal? each other. We were in a trance, our emotions locked around each other just as my cock was locked in her rectum. It was impossible for us to stop as he had crossed a line from human to inhuman. We were simultaneously receptors and propagators film izle of pure sensation.

I was taking in the visuals as much as I could under the circumstances. I was actually beating Susan?s body with my body as I slammed my hips into her meaty buttocks. This, in turn, caused ripples to speed across her butt and crash against her back and thighs. Her hair was bouncing and jerking as its owner was on the receiving end of one of the most incredible poundings that she had ever received in her life. I watched as my penis repeatedly plunged and disappeared into the pleasure valley that was her between her cheeks, knowing that each thrust brought both of us closer to orgasm for me and assgasm for her.

Susan was gripping a towel hand with her right hand and the left side of the sink counter with her left hand until her knuckles had turned white. Our pace was not frantic, but each pounding was intense yet also brought meaning and clarity to the butt fucking. Each thrust was simultaneously glorious and fleeting. We weren?t just lovers; we were anal partners working towards a greater understanding of anal love.

We had settled into a furious rhythm. By this time, it wasn?t just me ?fucking Susan?; it was me fucking Susan fucking me fucking Susan fucking me. Just as much as I was pounding into her, she was pounding back just as hard. I was so proud of Susan; she had moved to a higher plane of anal existence. She had the courage to let me be her guide to this nirvana of anal love.

Each time we brought our bodies together with tremendous speed Susan gutturally yelled, ?Oh god!? once and only once. Each slamming of our bodies elicited such pleasure from her depths as to be frightening to me; and I was the one who had caused her to achieve this state! Anyone listening from outside of the room would have thought that some poor lady was being tortured. Quite the opposite; torture for Susan would have been for me to stop slamming my cocking into her welcoming backdoor. But that wasn?t happening today.

I knew that for as long as Susan was yelling that she was still climbing the mountain of pleasure that I was affording her. It?s when she stopped making a peep that I knew that I was in trouble. But that did not change the fact that we had to continue on our spiritual anal journey together.

I knew it had arrived. Susan went from yelling to pure silence; not a sound, not a peep, not a moan, not a sigh. For almost 30 seconds, she was actually the embodiment of ?negative sound?. It was as if I could see light and sound bending into her because she was sucking the energy from her environment. The only movement that I could sense from her was a slight quivering that emanated from her inner thighs and travelled up to her cheeks. The crest of the wave was breaking.

Then, it happened. As with all stores of massive quantities of energy, only seks filmi izle so much can be acquired before the storage must burst; the more the acquisition, the greater the explosion.

Susan?s entire body froze. She ceased being human and was transformed into a banshee. Susan let forth an ear-shattering scream that started to turn my blood to ice. Instead of her entire body shaking, each individual muscle fired independently of the muscle next to it, as if fire was dancing along the entire length of her body.

What happened to me is something that I still have a difficult time admitting to myself. I knew that I should not stop pounding Susan. Susan had instructed me long ago never to stop pounding her while in the midst of her assgasm. I knew that I would be in trouble if I ever denied Susan her well-deserved ass-fucking while in the middle of her assgasm. But, while the mind was willing, the flesh was weak.

As Susan was riding the wave of assgasm and each muscle was quivering, her asshole was quivering just as much as the rest. This quivering resulted in a ?milking? action on my hard member. The smoothness of her asshole, the immediate involuntary kegel contractions on my shaft, and the visual and auditory sight of Susan were too much for me to handle.

I exploded inside of Susan?s rectum.

This was not simply me ?dumping a load?. This was not just ?shooting my jizz?. This was an explosion inside of my lover. How she handled this is beyond my comparison. It felt as if Susan had grabbed a hold of my life-force and was actually draining from every cell of my body and being the energy that keeps me alive.

Susan, still screaming, felt my fluid speeding through her bowels and was actually trigged to have an even greater assgasm. Of course, sensing her next level of pleasure caused me to orgasm even harder inside of her most delicate of areas. We had created a symbiotic relationship; I fed on her assgasm as she fed on my orgasm. We had become a single anal circuit.

Somehow, we managed to stay standing through the entire ordeal. I think that we ended-up using each other as bracing so as not to fall over. As with all explosions, they reach their plateau and recede from there. We had exploded in our own personal fashion, but that did not mean that our bodies were finished riding the waves of pleasure that we had given to each other. We each continued to quiver and shake as our conscious minds slowly returned to us. I could still feel Susan?s bowels massaging my penis as my cock was spasming inside of her buttocks. Susan was gripping the towel and counter and my fingers were still dug into her flesh, but our holds were slowly releasing.

I leaned forward to hug and hold her by wrapping my arms around her midsection and hip and breasts and shoulder. She reached-up with her right hand to hold my arms while still propping herself up with her left arm on the counter. I nuzzled and kissed the back of her neck while she regained her composure. It took us several minutes for us to calm ourselves.

We had reached the pinnacle of anal love.
14 Ocak 2022, at 11:27

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