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Hotel Hookup

Post #1

He knocked tentatively at the hotel room door.
He fidgeted a little and wondered whether he'd been played for a fool.
Looking down at the folder napkin again - he checked what she'd written. Jane - Room 307. He was at the right room.
He couldn't help but smile at the little caricature she'd doodled to remind him who she was - a little stick woman with 2 large circles drawn to represent those breasts of hers.
He knocked again - this time a little louder.
"There in a minute" came the reply. He sighed - both relieved and excited at the same time now.
He folded the napkin and placed it back in his pocket.
He heard the chain and lock being released and the door opened. She was tucked behind the door pulling it towards her - shielding herself from prying eyes which could be passing.
"Come in" she encouraged him. He didn't need to be told twice.
She closed the door behind him, locked and chained it again. "We don't want to be disturbed" she smiled.
"Wow" he offered as he looked her up and down.
She was stood just wearing her bra and panties - both black set off against her milky white skin.
She looked great - and just as he'd imagined her when he'd undressed her with his eyes in the bar earlier. She had a great figure - some fine curves and contours on her. And an amazing pair of breasts housed neatly in that bra - with a little squeezing out as she moved to greet him.
Placing a hand on his arm, she leant in and upwards to plant a tender kiss on his lips. She tasted sweet and her lips moist when she kissed him.
She released him from her kiss, smiled at him, trailing her hand down his arm to find his hand, taking it in hers and leading her to the bed.
"Wow" was all he could say again as he lowered himself to sit on the side of the bed. She remained standing allowing him to take it all in.
"Give me a twirl" he suggested. She smiled, and slowly followed the order, her hands gently gliding over her skin, over her body as she did so. Until she was facing him again.
He elvankent iri göğüsleri olan escortlar lifted a hand and placed it on her hip, slowly drawing it down over it and down her thigh. His soft touch stirred her and she leant forward kissing him on his forward, a hand resting on the side of his face.
Her leaning had her breasts fall forward offering him a better view of that cleavage and allowing him to smell her skin as she did.
His hand traced up the side of her body, over her hip again scooping her breast and cupping it in his hand. He massaged it gently through the fabric of her bra. He could feel the bud of her nipple harden against his touch.
She moved her kiss down, her lips now meeting his as she kissed him deeply.
She broke from the kiss again, sighing deeply as she did.
"I hope you don't mind..." she started. "I was just telling my friend Amy about you."
"Oh?" he replied - a little puzzled as they had only just met earlier.
"I was telling her how you were working away and were looking for some company" she smiled. "She wanted to join us".
He sat up with a start as he watched Amy come out of the bathroom next to them...
Amy was dressed only in a bra and panties too - this time red. Her skin a little tanned. With a similar figure to Sarahs and an equally impressive chest on her.
"Hope you don't mind me joining you?" Amy said. He couldn't find the words and simply smiled from ear to ear.
Amy reached her hand towards Sarah finding hers, her fingers then trailing up the length of her arm, pulling her towards her a little, her hand dropping to Sarahs buttock and squeezing it gently.
"We didn't like to start without you", She said, leaning towards Sarah kissing her gently.
He fidgeted on the bed as the girls started to caress each other maintaining their kiss.
Sarah snaked her arms around Amy and found the clasp of her bra, unhooking it and peeling it away from her. Her full breasts spilling from their hold.
Her large etimesgut götü büyük escortlar dark nipples now exposed Sarah smiled, stepped away from her, reached around her own back and undid her bra. Letting it fall to the floor, her breasts now revealed.
She pulled Amy towards her again kissing her more hungrily this time, their large breasts pressed against the others. They teased him, letting him watch them kiss passionately, occasionally breaking the kiss, tongues still exploring, smudging their lipstick on their own and the others lips.
He wanted to touch them. So rose to his feet and teased his hands to glide over their skin, one hand on each of them, mirroring the other so not to favour one.
Both girls allowed a hand to drop and tracing their touch between his legs could feel his excitement through his trousers. His bulge clearly impressed them as they broke their kiss, turned their heads and smiled at him.
Amy dropped to her knees as Sarah leant toward him and kissed him deeply on the lips, her tongue exploring his mouth, his meeting hers inside.
Amy unzipped him, his trousers falling to the floor, him stepping out of them whilst maintaining the hungry kiss from Sarah.
Still on her knees, Amy massaged him gently through his shorts, feeling his hard length and the size of his balls.
He fidgeted against her touch and lowered a hand to hers, moving it away and then pulling down his shorts over his hips, releasing his cock for her.
Sarah broke the kiss and looked down to watch Amy take his length in her hand, starting from the hilt and drawing along it's length to it's tip.
Both girls smiled as it reacted to her touch twitching with sensitivity. Amy cupped and fondled his full balls and licked her lips.
Sarah re-engaged with her kissing on his lips as he felt Amy's breath against the tip of his cock, then her tongue then felt her mouth fully envelope him.
His hand fell to stroke her hair as she started to suck on him, working her mouth around and up and ankara çıtır escortlar down his length. His other hand on Sarah's cheek as she twisted her mouth against his, panting as she did, her breasts raising and falling with her breaths.
Sarah broke the kiss again "I want that cock too" she said and dropped to her knees next to Amy.
The girls smiled at each other - Amy allowing Sarah to take his cock in her hand and wrap her lips around it. Amy brushing the hair from her face as she did, her hands cupping Sarah's breasts and teasing her nipples with her thumbs.
Sarah came up for air, gasping as she did, a trail of saliva drawn from her mouth to his thick length as she smiled up at him.
The girls smiled at each other, one of each of their hands on the others breast, repositioning themselves to either side of him, their mouths now reaching for his cock again.
Each licked at his length, one from each side, their tongues occasionally touching as they did.
He was in heaven and gently stroked each of their heads as they worked on him.
They continued to play with their mouths and tongues against his hard shaft, him letting out gentle sighs of pleasure, which encouraged them all the more.
He could feel the fullness of each of their tongues running along the length of his cock, them planting gentle kisses on it as they did. Down and up the shaft.
Then down again, this time the girls leaning forwards to kiss each other, his cock tip between their mouths as they did. Their tongues played against each others and over and around his swollen helmet.
He couldn't contain his pleasure any more and held the girls heads where they were continuing to kiss each other around his tip. His cock twitching against their touch, it coated in their saliva and kisses.
The girls opened their mouths, still meeting around the tip of his shaft as a stream of cum sprayed from his proud cock, followed by some more thick creamy cum. The girls kissed again around his helmet, each lapping up the cum still oozing from the tip.
Breaking the kiss, the girls rewarded themselves with some air.
He looked down at them - they looked so good, clearly loving this as much as him. Both had traces of cum around their coloured lips.
They kissed deeply again - tasting him again from the others mouths as he leant back on the bed a little spent from delivering his first load.
14 Ocak 2022, at 13:06

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