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Naughty Bridal Party Pt. 10

Post #1

Like the guys before them, Mike and Les had wondered if this was just an elaborate practical joke. When they entered the bedroom, the sight of the naked bride, hot and horny, quashed any idea that it was a joke.
Malena heard them, and growled, "Oh yes, get over here, and give me a hot double fuck, I want you to stuff my ass and my pussy!"
Mike and Les figured out the best way to take her in a DP would be to release Malena from her restraints, so they freed her body, she left her blindfold in place, and Les lay down on the bed.
Knowing that she would not recognize their voices, Les said, "My hard cock's all ready for you baby, climb aboard."
Malena was able to take the position, and she quickly squatted over Les, she felt him positioning his cock head, and she pushed down hard. Their matching grunts of pleasure blended as she rammed down, burying all 8 inches in one single downward thrust. She leaned forward, her ass upthrust, the hands of her pussy fucker grasped her cheeks and pulled them apart, ready to be filled. She felt a slick finger sliding a dollop of lube against her ass, Ummm, oh yeah, she wiggled her ass, inviting the anonymous cock to stuff her.
She felt the hard press against her ass, and the cock drove in slowly, making her moan, she urged him on in case he thought it was pain instead of pleasure, "Ohh yes, keep going, I love it, stuff my ass!" Oh yeah, she felt him continue between her cheeks, not stopping until his 8 inches was balls deep. They gave her a minute to adjust to the feelings of both holes being filled, then they started to take her in tandem.
Mike grunted, "Oh yeah, you're virgin tight baby, fucking nice."
Les growled, "Oh yes, nice tight cunt, ride my cock baby."
Almost immediately, her body was moving with them, Malena felt her lower holes being plundered, the sperm-filled wetness of her previous fuckings dripping down her thighs.
The rubbings of the cocks inside her, the hot cream that had filled her ass a little while ago helped lube up her tight back door, it was a smooth, enjoyable pleasure ride as hands gripped her waist, two rock hard dicks gliding in and out of her ass-hole and cunt, the tight silky walls milking eagerly at both plunging pricks.
Les was grunting with pleasure, Malena had an awesome cunt, squeezing at his dick, while behind her, Mike was savoring the extra tight grip of the bride's ass-hole, god this was the hottest, craziest rodeo he'd ever been in. They could feel their pricks rubbing against each other as they shafted the horny bride, the stimulation was building up, they eagerly stuffed her, feeling the building orgasm.
Cries and growls of pleasure filled the air, Malena could feel another orgasm rush at her, and she exploded. The hard milking of her holes took the cocks over, she was sandwiched between the two guys as they both jammed their etimesgut yabancı escortlar cocks in as deep as possible, Malena's cunt and her ass were now stuffed to the max. She felt her ass fucker's cock exploding, and almost immediately, a second hot rush blooming deep as her pussy fucker erupted, his cock spewing its hot payload all over her cervix. Her pussy and ass-hole rippled with milking spasms, the cocks obliged, as she was filled up with hot spunk which quickly joined the cum that was dripping down her thighs.
Malena growled, "Get me a towel, so I can clean up a bit, then give me your cocks to suck, I'm gonna fluff you up so each of you gets to fuck all my hot holes!"
A horny bride giving them a ride of every hot hole, Les and Mike were quick to do as she asked. Malena swathed the towel between her legs, mopping up the cum that was splattered all over her pussy and had left dripping trails down her thighs. With that taken care of, she expertly sucked them up, making them bone hard. Both the guys found out that the bride had a wicked cocksucker mouth, she was a blowjob expert.
Once she had them sucked back up to a hard and ready state, she took them in. Mike was mounted by the horny bride, Les got to savor the tight almost virgin cling of her asshole, she was furnace hot, and as soon as she was filled, she was immediately moving with them, eager to get another hot double shafting. Grunts, growls, and wet squelches filled the room as Malena was plundered, enjoying the building up, getting a long hard pleasure ride. Her mind was whirling as she exploded, then one after the other, orgasms came tumbling in, she was shaking like a leaf in a storm, as her body rode out the string. She was getting lightheaded as the guys grunted and let loose their volleys of cum to fill her needy holes.
They placed Malena back into her restrained position, and she cooed, "Send up whoever's next, I want a triple fuck!"
They left the bedroom, and saw Chad down the hall, motioning to them. They hurried over, and he asked quietly, "So, how's the bride?"
Mike and Les grinned, and gave him a double thumbs-up, Les said, "Fucking awesome! Malena now wants a triple bang, but if I remember correctly, there are only two guys left, your Uncle Jeff and Malena's Uncle Walt."
Chad grinned, and said, "I have a perfect idea. Send them up!"
He dashed over to the bedroom where Linda was, and asked her, "How would you like to get in on Malena's wedding night orgy?"
Linda was more than ready, and they went over to the bridal room.
Les and Mike tapped Chad and Malena's uncles and told them to head upstairs. Just outside the bedroom door, Chad and Linda were waiting. They gave Linda's body approving looks, and he told them that the bride wanted a triple. Linda said it would probably make the most sense for Malena ankara yeni escortlar to eat her pussy, while the Uncles filled up her lower holes. Chad added that he was going to come in and watch them. After they were done with her, he asked them to go downstairs, find Malena's other two bridesmaids, and send them up for some fun with the bride.
When they entered the bedroom, the Uncles felt their cocks becoming board hard, holy fuck, the sight of Malena, totally nude, tied up, and blindfolded, was amazing.
Malena purred, "Ummm, more hot cocks, bring them over here for me!"
Chad crept silently over to an armchair close to the bedside, so he could watch the fun. Having given Linda 2 hot rides on his cock, he wanted to watch, he was sure the action would bring him back up.
Malena felt herself being freed from restraint, and she was moved off the bed, and over to where her Uncle Walter was laying back on the thick pile carpeting. They handled her gently, making sure not to say a word, she knew their voices, and she was eager for the anonymous factor of being a hot, horny cock hungry bride. She felt hands gently pressing on her shoulders, and as she knelt, her hips were guided downwards, she felt the nudge of a hard cock against her, and she pushed down hard.
Malena purred with pleasure as she humped down, taking in a full 8 inches, oh yeah, she knew what was next, and she lay over the hot body, her ass upthrust and ready. Chad's Uncle Jeff slathered lube all over the tight pucker, knowing that he was going to fuck a bride's asshole on her wedding night had given him the hardest erection he'd ever had. Malena felt the press, and she let out a loud moan as 10 inches of rock-hard cock opened her up.
"Oh fuck, big huge cock, keep going, drive it in!"
Encouraged, Jeff drove it in, one smooth push and he heard the bride's loud squeal of pleasure as she was stuffed. Jeff saw Linda, one of Malena's very hot bridesmaids, standing just over Uncle Walter, totally nude, smiling. Jeff lifted Malena's body upwards, and Linda quickly moved in, she gently took Malena's head, and brought her hips right up, pressing her gently against her well-waxed pussy.
Malena felt the smooth, hairless seam, she felt the tickle of a landing strip on her nose, smelled the scent of aroused pussy, oh yeah, and she grasped the hips, holding Linda in position as she tongued at the slick lips, then pulling the lips apart, she drove her tongue in, enjoying the cry of pleasure as she licked at the hot cunt presented to her. Even blindfolded, she was pretty sure that she was licking Linda, remembering her sweet tangy taste from the night before the wedding.
Chad was watching, his cock was raging hard-on. He was seeing his sweet bride in the grip of total carnal lust, and he got up and moved in, wanting to see every stroke, every sincan oral yapan escortlar plunge. He got down, watching Malena's hot holes being plundered together was making his prick ache. His Uncle Jeff really packed a big one, he thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of her ass hole was spread open again and again by his plunging rod. So fucking hot to watch.
Jeff couldn't hold back any longer, Malena's ass hole was just too demanding, and he drove it in one last time, grunting and growling, and Malena felt her ass hole get a full bloom of cum deep inside, she was licking wildly at Linda's clit, and she felt the tight walls of Linda's pussy quivering, then Linda's squeals joined in as she gushed her juices all over Malena's face. Uncle Walter felt the grip of Malena's pussy start pulsing, as she tumbled into orgasm. With one last hard shove, he drove upwards, grunting as his cock exploded, painting the bride's cervix with another rush of hot cum.
Malena was eager to fluff them back up, and as she knelt herself to the task, she felt the warm female body positioning beneath her, gently grasping her hips and pulling her down until she felt a pair of wet lips pressing against her, a warm wet tongue wriggled into her, and she felt the rush of just deposited cum pour out of her into a wetly sucking mouth.
Linda moaned into the hot, wet heat, the taste of mingled cum and pussy juice was amazing, and she licked the bride clean, as Malena's hot mouth readied the Uncles to take her again. This time, they put her back on the bed, and she mounted Jeff, he grunted as he was stuffed into Malena's sweet fuck hole while Walter grunted as he drove into the tight pleasure grip of her ass.
The visual stimulation had Chad rock hard, and Linda decided to take advantage of his erection. She quickly hurried over and grinned at him as she knelt before him. She brought her best blowjob to the fore, and Chad did his best to stifle his grunts as Linda demonstrated her talent for cock sucking. Ummm, her warm wet lips, just the right amount of sucking, the tongue swirling around his prick, then she felt him grab his balls, toying with them.
On the bed, Malena was once again being double shafted, the grunts, groans, and cries of pleasure blending, Chad had the best visual stimulation available, while Linda's mouth worked him over. He felt gentle squeezes being applied, and he arced up, and let Linda's mouth suck eagerly, drawing the cum from his cock as he unloaded a volley deep into her hot mouth.
Almost like it was timed on cue, the two cocks plundering the bride exploded within a second or two of each other, Jeff and Walter both gushing another load into the sex-drenched body of the bride.
Linda smiled, hurrying over, letting the Uncles have a visual treat as she eagerly sucked the new load out of the bride.
The Uncles quickly got dressed and went out. They went to find the bridesmaids, and send them up for some hot lesbian action. The Uncles were already feeling the effects, the idea of Malena in a lesbian orgy on her wedding night, god, what a turn-on that idea was. Their wives were going to get a hot fuck and suck when they got home.
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