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Lewis , Helen , Molly Pt. 01

Post #1

Lewis Collins stared at the ceiling, hands behind his head, unable to sleep, clock turning over to two AM. He barely kept his composeue as he glanced at his wife.
God, he loved her. Their life together for the past twenty years hadn't been easy despite their success now. His terms were "hellish" and "dark" to describe some of their rough patches. But they'd come through. They were stronger, both as individuals and in their marriage.
He'd found her sobbing in her dressing room earlier and gently took her to bed where he'd held her until she went to sleep.
He was the yin and she was the yang in their relationship. He was the north pole and she was the south pole. Or maybe he was the yang and she was the yin, etc. Didn't matter. They complimented each other and changed roles as needed. The connection they established 20 years ago remained strong.
Helen was mercurial and outgoing, a natural extrovert who loved people and easily made friends. He was the exact opposite, introverted, deep-thinking, and more logical and logistical, a person who made few friends and stayed loyal to them for years. Both of them could be stubborn but knew when to compromise.
Now their net worth exceeded anything they'd ever envisioned. Last night, when he'd found Helen, he was reminded again that their first apartment had been smaller in square footage than her dressing room.
But that square footage and their multi-million-dollar business weren't as important as their marriage and their love for each other. Their attraction to each other remained strong. So did their sex drives. They attributed their longevity to the liberal use of sexual fantasies.
The problem had been their frequent, and often separate travel, putting a strain on both husband and wife. That was one of many reasons they'd agreed to sell. Just shy of 40, neither one wanted to destroy their marriage just to keep a company alive. Fantasies only went so far.
This was the third time they'd built up a company and sold it. They could always come up with another idea if they wanted.
He felt her stirring.
A week ago, they'd realized they'd been together in the same bed at the same time in their own home for two weeks for the first time in more than a year. Yes, they'd made love during those two weeks. When they realized after the first week, that they faced another week without travel, they vowed to have sex of some form at least once a night for the next week. Why? Because now they could and wanted to.
By unspoken agreement, both of them knew better than to fantasize about friends or people who worked for them. Each person had veto powers so if something hit too close to home, they'd agree to disagree and move on.
Helen's suggestion Tuesday night surprised him. "I think we're close enough to the end date to risk this. It's all formalities now. Tonight, I want to play your girlfriend Molly," she said as she came into the bedroom dressed in a tight white blouse fastened by only the bottom two buttons. The blouse flowed to the bottom of her ass with skintight yoga pants underneath. Her nipples poked firmly against the blouse affirming she wore no bra.
Molly Townsend was their lead programmer and his ideal body type. Taller than most women, she was small-breasted with perfect hips for that body and legs that never seemed to end. Helen knew that and loved to tease him about Molly being his "girlfriend." She had been offered a job as vice president of information technology at the new company, a huge step up.
"I figured you might like to pretend once before she leaves." They'd done that before when they were introduced to a female movie star, so the concept wasn't unusual, just the person. In his private mind, he almost wished this wasn't a fantasy.
She poured it on. Adopting a reasonable facsimile of Molly's voice, Helen performed a sultry striptease, taking off each item with excruciating slowness. He had seen his wife's naked body hundreds of times, played with every part of it, but her dance was like watching someone he'd never viewed before. It was that sexy and she easily made him believe she was Molly even though their body types were different.
Fantasies worked well for them because they both could put themselves whole-heartedly into the role-playing, making it believable. Why cheat on your spouse if you could fantasy fuck someone you lusted after and stay committed?
One night when they lay panting after terrific orgasms, Helen had turned to him. "You should be an actor. I believed what you were saying and doing."
"Maybe this is getting too realistic. I believed you were xxxxx xxxxxxxxx" too."
Tuesday night, she stripped him and immediately attacked his cock, constantly referring to herself as either his girlfriend or Molly. Right before he was about to unload, she'd pulled away. "Does her lover want to fuck Molly's pussy? She wants her boyfriend to do it. Been waiting for it for months. She wants his big cock inside her so bad. You will fuck her, won't you, Lewis, her boyfriend, my husband?"
By ankara evi olan escortlar this time, he'd become alarmed that she was role-playing too deeply, mixing up reality and non-reality, much more than she'd done before. And instead of some remote person they'd likely never meet again, this was someone they knew and had worked with for five years.
"What are you doing, Helen? Helen? Snap out of the Molly character and talk to me as Helen. We're not acting now." He shook her.
She lay back on the bed for several seconds. "This is Helen talking. I'm having too much fun being your girlfriend Molly." She immediately went back into her Molly character. Soon he couldn't resist and engaged the fantasy just as completely as she did, calling her Molly and his girlfriend at every opportunity. The sex that night was the best they'd ever had, which was saying something.
Wednesday night Helen and Jo, hosted a bridal shower for Jo's sister. Jo and Sander Holladay were their best friends outside their company.
Lewis walked up behind his wife at the fete and started pulling her floral flare skirt up in the back, a little at a time.
"What are you doing?" she whispered over her shoulder.
"Payback, babe."
"Not here." The response was weak. When he could, he reached around under her dress to her pussy. "Ah, no underwear. You expected this, didn't you?"
She saw Jo looking at her from across the room with a knowing eye. "Yes. But later. Go away. Jo's watching."
"Makes it even more fun," he said as he drew her backward through the door leading into the prep room. Closing the door behind them, he placed his hands on both sides of her face and roughly crashed his lips on her full mouth. She responded eagerly.
He hoisted her onto a prep table, pushed her skirt up, and parted her legs. "Ah," he said. "There's what I want. Already wet and waiting." He caressed her creamy thighs and followed his hands with quick kisses. He nuzzled her nether lips with mouth, then licked tenderly along with each one. Helen widened her legs more. He trilled her clit with the tip of his tongue. Once, twice, thrice, then he moved on.
She squealed.
"Hush, they're right next door." Sounds of music got louder and they realized Jo was covering for them.
Helen shoved against his face and hissed. "Right there" as he circled her clit with a finger, then his tongue. The scent and sounds spurred him on, making his lust and love for her flare. He moistened his fingers in her flowing juices and then thrust them into her pussy.
She felt the excitement burst through her body as he hit that sweet spot inside, her face flushing, a tingle spreading from inside that soon consumed her body. As hard as she was grasping the table's edge, she felt as if she was falling.
"So close, so close," she gasped around the finger in her mouth, then bit down on it as Lewis circled her clit again. One gentle nip on her clit and Helen exploded, slumping down with only Lewis to hold her.
"You bastard," she said as they kissed. "The door isn't even locked." He smiled and they went back into the event.
Jo made her way across the room minutes later. "I'm so jealous," she whispered in Helen's ear. "Sandy doesn't do that kinda stuff for me."
When they started making love again the next night, Helen announced she wanted to be Molly again. This time Lewis sat her on the bed and said, "Talk. What the hell is going on here? The first time I mentioned her name in this context, you had a fit, and rightfully so. One of our biggest arguments ever came as a result of her. What gives?"
She shrugged. "Molly and I made our peace with each other. I no longer consider her a threat to either of us. She wants you to fuck her. Are you going to?
"I won't, you know. I love you too much to fool around with another woman. As long as we have our fantasies, I'm okay."
"Not even if you have my permission?"
"Not a chance."
"What if I'm there to watch?"
"Same answer."
She pouted. "I don't like those answers. Damn fool. I just gave you a free hall pass and you won't take it. I'm still going to pretend I'm Molly, your girlfriend until you take me up on the offer."
He couldn't budge her and finally reluctantly yielded to the fantasy. That night while he was eating her out, she pushed him off and flipped over.
"Eat my ass. Molly is an anal slut like me. She wants to be rimmed and wants her lover's big cock inside her ass." That struck a nerve with him. They both loved anal play. Didn't do it often, but some of their best sex came as one or the other rimmed out their lover's tiny hole. He fucked her ass that night, constantly calling her Molly.
Tonight, Friday night, he'd heard her crying in her dressing room, so his thoughts drifted back to the present.
Yes! With eyes still closed, she reached for his cock which was already hardening. When she scooted even closer and looked at him shyly, he knew it was going to happen. Their streak would remain intact. Sort of.
She kissed him elvankent olgun escortlar on the cheek. "Can we make love nice and slow? Big day tomorrow." "Today," he corrected, "It's already past 2 a.m.."
Lewis rolled over to face his wife and stroked along her body, starting at her hips and working up to her shoulders and neck. She loved erotic massages and several times he'd brought her to orgasms by selectively tapping or stroking more sensitive parts of her body. There was a delicate balance. He'd also put her to sleep a few times.
Soon she was writhing slowly next to him. He upped the pressure when he stroked her full breasts, or when he touched those sensitive areas on her back and along her collarbone. He felt her sliding away from him into sleep, so he concentrated on her pussy, not directly attacking, but working around the labia. He still felt her sliding away and increased the pressure and location, circling her clit, sinking two fingers inside her channel and tapping her g-spot or running a fingertip around the rim of her rosebud.
Feeling himself drifting away, he upped the ante, putting a finger of one hand in her ass, sticking two fingers of the other hand in her channel and rubbing that super-sensitive part inside her and delicately circling her sensitive outer bud or nibbling on it with his teeth.
The payoff came as her breathing got faster and shallower, her back arched and she gasped. A nice, gentle orgasm was what she wanted and what she got. She probably thought it was a dream because she already was asleep.
That left him erect and needy, but he wasn't worried. She'd pay him back as soon as she could.
He woke up to a morning blow job, which he loved. The necessity to pee coupled with the need to come always sent delicious pain and pleasure through his body.
"Yes," he urged. "Feels so good. Love it when you lick me like that." She traced a pattern from his balls up his shaft to the tip, giving a few quick strokes to the sensitive areas near his head, and back down the other side to his sac again. Feeling his body begin to stiffen, she plunged her mouth over him until the tip of his eight-inch cock bumped her tonsils and she sucked him so hard her cheeks caved in. That always did it and he filled her mouth.
Her face beaming, she stood up and Lewis tapped below his lips to show her a small bit of his seed had escaped. She giggled, swiped it off, put that finger in her mouth, and sucked it suggestively.
"Okay, fun over. Time to get moving. I let you sleep in until eight. Caterers and setup people will be here in two hours and I need you to supervise. Plus, you ought to greet people who arrive early."
Today was Saturday when all the key people in Collins Communications were invited for one last gathering. He and Helen would hand out bonuses from their personal account as opposed to the funds everyone received from the company as a thank you for years of service. Six people would leave today at least a million dollars richer.
The next few hours rolled by so fast he was surprised when the setup people left and when she disappeared to dress. About the only things he remembered were the many times she went out of her way to brush his lips with hers, rub those bountiful boobs against him suggestively, or stroke his shaft to keep him semi-hard all morning. Several times she pulled his head down or stood on her toes to whisper about a special gift that night.
Helen would seldom be described as "beautiful" by many people, but she was careful about her appearance. Six inches shorter than his 6-foot height, she knew how to show off her 35C-28-36 body so she looked sexy, but not slutty. There was usually a bit of cleavage, upper garments that hugged her breasts but didn't make them stand out excessively, and lower garments that fit just right over her hips and ass. Subtle and classy. She was the type of woman who you looked at, dismissed as nothing special, but found yourself looking at, again and again, unable to keep your eyes away.
He'd seen it happen many times. Because of her gregarious personality and love of people, she often got surrounded by so many that she'd give him the "rescue me" look and he'd extract her with some excuse.
She was the person who always looked out for employees and customers, sometimes to the detriment of the company. She also was an idea machine. She was the one who suggested they have phone sex when they traveled, moving up to video programs, and finally, to Aware, a video-based program their company developed.
As someone who saw the big picture, he insisted on even stronger security and commercial uses for Aware after a scandal erupted over classified X-rated photos hacked from celebrities' accounts. That process made them rich almost beyond belief but also led to their downfall.
They grew so rapidly the company got too big for the two of them to manage. They either had to give up too much control by going public, or give up all of it and sell. An advisory panel of 15-20 key employees supplemented etimesgut sarışın escortlar by the needed experts endorsed a sale that had legally been completed the day before.
All too soon the key employees started arriving.
Lewis caught his breath when Molly entered the room. She always seemed blissfully unaware of her sexual appeal, but not today. Tall and lean, she usually dressed carelessly. Lewis especially remembered the day she wore a tight-fitting designer blouse with thread-bare jeans. Not something off the rack, but a pair that were stained and had holes worn in the knees and one hip from hard work. On days like that, guys (and even some girls) circled her like vultures. She seldom wore makeup or styled her hair. Some days, her hair looked like she'd done nothing more than run her fingers through it.
She was nice to everyone and didn't seem to understand the effect she had on people or when someone was trying to flirt. To her, everyone was her friend and she treated them that way.
Helen recruited her as a programmer. When Lewis mentioned casually one night that Molly was attractive enough to fantasize about, Helen came unglued. This surprised him because he'd made similar comments about other women in the past.
They entered one of those "black" periods where she avoided him and he tried to figure out what he'd said wrong. He got further confounded when she later befriended Molly, helped her career along (not that it needed much help as she was their best programmer), and invited Molly frequently to lunches. Helen had asked Molly and her two boys, Jonas, age 10; and Phillip, age 8, over one weekend for a BBQ.
The day after their most recent "black period" began, Lewis found himself watching Molly. Take off two inches from the top, add a few inches and pounds especially in the bosom, change the hair color and voice a bit, and Molly reminded him of Abagail Newsome, Helen's best friend until the spring of her senior year. He had never found out what happened to end their friendship.
Abby had arrived as their small courtroom marriage ceremony was ending, drunk, barely able to stand, and shouting things like she hated Lewis for taking her lover away. He figured she was drunk and didn't know what she was saying. She puked in the courtroom and promptly fell face first in her vomit. That was the end of Abby. She disappeared and no one knew where she was.
But there was more, much more than her drunken lunacy. Helen never talked about that time, claiming she didn't remember because of other, more traumatic things that happened. Lewis believed her because he knew her father who was a mean, drunken SOB. Helen also went to a therapist who was unable to help her retrieve the memories. However, she made some suggestions that Helen had always been ashamed to tell him.
After a week, the rift healed and they discovered once again the greatness of makeup sex. He never mentioned Molly unless her name came up in a strictly business sense. Lewis made a point of being out of town when the BBQ was held. Helen had seemed disappointed which baffled him. Nothing about the Helen-Molly friendship made sense outside the work environment. That's why he'd been so confused when Helen used her in two of their latest fantasies.
At the open house, Molly topped her body with a simple white blouse that was unbuttoned so the opening extended below her small breasts. Small breasted women could do that and she did it well. The blouse was long enough that it flared over her hips, calling attention to them without flaunting. It was almost the same outfit Helen wore when she imitated Molly, except she wore leggings that fit her like a second skin. It was obvious she wasn't wearing panties. When she'd bend over - and she seemed to do that often when her back was turned to him, always pretending to pick up something from the floor that wasn't there - he could see the clear outline of each ass cheek. When she faced him, he swore to himself that he could see traces of her pubes under the fabric. One time a camel toe appeared like she'd run a finger between her labia. The last time he looked, he swore her crotch glistened.
Helen caught him staring several times. Instead of frowning or getting angry, she simply smiled and licked her lips. She was doing her own teasing. When he came out from checking a bathroom for supplies, she was standing outside with her blouse pulled up so he could see the lacy bra she wore. Her erect nipples threatened to tear the fabric. Another time, right after she'd caught him looking at Molly's ass, she put her hand discretely between her legs and rubbed several times.
Those sightings, plus the general crush of people, made an escape to the deck necessary. Now he stood there, lost in thought, until his wife duplicated his pose, feet set, hands on the railing, leaning slightly forward. This was the first time they were alone for this long since the blow job this morning.
She rubbed his arm tenderly. "Thank you for last night. It made me feel much better. You're the best lover I've ever had. Are you okay? People not getting to you too much?" He was the only lover she'd ever had, but before he could complete the second part of their frequent exchange, she rose on her toes to kiss his cheek and stroked the front of his pants where his erect cock lay diagonally in his underwear.
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