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The ABCs of Polyamory

Post #1

Lynn and I lay side by side in bed, exhausted, getting our breath back. It had been another great bout of lovemaking, or so I thought.
"That movie has me thinking," she said. "Should we try something like that?"
I looked at her. To inspire the evening's tryst we had streamed a steamy hard core about a couple who spiced up their love life by joining a swinging crowd, taking on multiple new partners. Well done from a cinematography standpoint: Lots of closeups, various positions, sweating, panting, moaning and cumming, with creampies and oral galore.
"So, I wasn't enough to satisfy you?" I asked. "You need a crowd?"
"Oh, you were fine," she replied, squeezing my arm with a big smile that showed her pearly whites. "It's just that something new is always exciting, and I wonder if we might benefit from variety once in a while."
I didn't believe she was serious. Lynn liked sex, but had shown no inclination to branch out during the three years since our marriage. In fact, she seemed annoyed when guys hit on her with corny lines and comments, which they often did since she was a good looking 27-year-old redhead with great legs and curves in all the right places. She was probably putting me on.
"So what do you have in mind?" I asked, deciding to play along. "You want to respond to one of those ads on porn sites? Call and ask to fuck, or swinger club stuff, like the movie showed?"
"Yuck, no," she said, making a face. "It wouldn't feel right doing it with some strangers. Who knows if they're weird or where they may have been."
"Well, then it would have to be someone you know," I said. "Do you want to take on one of the neighbors. Jake next door is always eyeballing you."
"Oooh, not him, Michael," she responded, hitting me lightly. "He's 60 years old and disgusting."
"One of the other neighbors, maybe. John's only about 30, and a fairly good looking dude."
"No, not him either," she said, shaking her head after a moment in thought. "In fact, I can't think of anyone around here who interests me in that way. Also, if I had an affair with one of them it would be all around the neighborhood. There are no secrets around here."
"This is becoming a problem for you," I said, thinking she was already backing away from this little fantasy. "You want novelty, but don't want to have sex with a stranger, and you see privacy problems doing it with people you know. How are you going to solve this dilemma?"
"It would have to be with someone I know who has no connections locally, and who can be trusted to be discreet -- a friend, maybe someone from work, like Gabe."
She was not smiling, and looked thoughtful. I wondered if she was serious after all. Could she have a thing for Gabe, and was this her way of working up to tell me? I decided to continue playing it lightly.
"Well, you're a big girl," I said. "And the only ground rule we've ever set is to be straight with one another, which you're doing. So if you want to bring Gabe home some night, just let me know in advance so I can clear out and give you some privacy."
Lynn laughed, and half hid her eyes with a hand, which was her pet gesture when she felt a little awkward. "Oh, Lord, I shouldn't have said anything. Just forget it."
"Well, that's easier said than done. You say you'd like to mix it up, and name a guy you see every work day. If you start putting in overtime, I'll be imagining all sorts of stuff."
She rose on one elbow, facing me, one beautiful breast brushing against my chest. "Look, Michael, I only mentioned Gabe as an alternative to swinger clubs and neighborhood dorks, which were your suggestions, and only because he's a good looking guy with a fun personality, and one of the few who doesn't take part in all the office gossip about who's sleeping with who. He and I joke around a lot, and I like him, but while he flirts a little in fun he's never hit on me, and I've never thought of him seriously in that way. I'm very happy with you. And the only reason we're even having this discussion is the swinger movie you picked out to turn us on."
"Which apparently turned you on to new ideas also."
"I was just speaking off the top of my head when I said it might be good for us if we tried something like that. I mean,... You know I wasn't a virgin when we met. The movie got me thinking about how much fun it used to be to mess around -- new people, new experiences, variety. And don't pretend you never think this way. I see the way you look at other women, Jennifer for one."
She had me there. Jen was married to my friend Christopher, and one of the hottest ladies I have ever known. She and I went out before I met Lynn. We split on good terms, remaining friends, and I even set her and Chris up. The intimacy was over between us, but even so she was a feast for the eyes, and I still remembered how good she was in the sack.
"I may look, but that's all there's been to it since you and I hooked up. And seeing as how you brought up Jen, I've noticed you never look away from Chris."
"Chris is ankara yabancı escortlar easy to look at," she admitted.
"Well, I have to say that if you hooked up with Chris, who I know and like, it wouldn't bother me as much as if you hooked up with some guy at work who I don't know. And yeah, a toss in the sack with Jen again wouldn't exactly be traumatic. Should I ask Chris and Jen over for a good time, maybe spice it up with a movie?"
"No," Lynn exclaimed, eyes wide. She slapped my arm."I would be so embarrassed."
"Why? This could be the perfect solution to your renewed desire for variety: Involve people we know who we can enjoy in new ways -- well, for me, enjoy again in an old way -- anyway, enjoy, and know they'll keep the secret."
She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Okay, I'll add Chris to Gabe in my file of discreet sexy prospects," she said, smiling coyly, "and you can consider Jen for your file." She drew closer, both boobs now in contact with my chest, nipples firm, and delivered a kiss on the lips as her hand encircled my dick, which had risen a little with all this talk.
"Let's think some more about it," she said. "Meanwhile, I'm wet again. Are you up for another round? I could shut my eyes and pretend you're either Gabe or Chris."
"Show me what you would do with Gabe or Chris."
With a sexy smile, she started licking my chest, working her way down my torso, tickling my naval with her tongue, then lower still, taking my now full erection into her mouth. Before long we were fully involved, and into the game, Lynn riding me reverse cowgirl, murmuring with eyes shut. "You feel so good, Gabe,"and me responding in a deep voice which I imagined this Gabe guy having, "Better than your husband? I bet his dick is small and wimpy compared to mine. Is this what you've been missing?"
"Oh, yes, yes. Let's change positions: Come into me doggie style. Michael doesn't fuck me enough in that position. I want to feel your hot cum inside me.
Afterward, I made a mental resolution always to encourage Lynn's fantasizing.
* * *
The new week dawned and we went back to work, she at a large clothing importer and marketer in the city, me as an independent lawn and landscaping contractor, which paid the bills while I pursued my dream of freelance writing.
A few days later, I decided to surprise Lynn by dropping in at the restaurant she frequented on lunch break. She was not there yet, so I settled in at one of the booths in the back, planning to stand up and wave to her when I saw her enter. She soon did, but -- Surprise! -- she was not alone. A guy opened the door and held it for her as she entered, then took her arm. They were looking at one another and laughing over something as they passed the counter and came toward the booths.
Lynn looked world class, as usual, in a tight-fitting dress that favorably showed her boobs, butt and long legs, as she strode with confidence. Her companion was tall, good looking and well-dressed. They made a handsome couple, I thought, probably looking as if they fit well together, and a contrast to me in my stained, sweaty lawn maintenance grubbies.
Taken aback, I did not rise, and Lynn apparently did not see me as she pointed to seating somewhere on the other side of a tall divider from the booth where I was. They proceeded down the aisle in that direction, and I soon lost sight of them. As I thought about what to do, I heard them settle in the booth just across the divider from mine, which screened us visually from one another but did little to filter out conversation as they were only a few feet away.
"Gabe, you make me laugh so," I heard Lynn say.
So that's who her friend was -- my fantasy rival for her affections.
Lynn was still laughing. "You are so funny," she said.
"Funny, how do you mean funny? Do I amuse you? Am I a clown? Do I live for your amusement?" Gabe responded, pantomiming a comedic scene from an old movie that made Lynn laugh all the harder.
"Oh Lord," she said. "I can't take much more. It's so hot today, and I've been laughing so hard that it's almost like work -- I'm dripping."
"Where is all this moisture concentrated? I don't question that I'm the cause, but are you sure you're not wet due to some reason other than my humor?" Gabe asked.
"Stop," she gasped, her laughter continuing.
"You know you don't want me to stop," Gabe said. "I'll slow down a little to draw this experience out, prolong the ecstasy, but you don't mean stop, do you? How could you want it to stop?"
"No, don't stop, don't stop," Lynn said, laughing harder.
"Yes, Yes, Yes," Gabe exclaimed, in mock orgasmic vernacular.
"Sh, sh," Lynn said, still laughing. "We're drawing some stares."
"Let the whole world witness," Gabe said. "I am not ashamed of my feelings for this woman," he proclaimed in a loud voice that must have drawn more stares from the other side of the divider. Lynn was laughing uncontrollably.
The waitress came and they suppressed their banter to order, then resumed ankara yeni escortlar conversation that to me seemed even more sensual for being less ribald.
"So, talking about being wet, are you and your husband going to the beach or to that pristine mountain lake on vacation this year?" Gabe asked.
"We haven't decided yet," Lynn answered. "Maybe we'll just stay home in bed, and stream porn."
"More play-acting, huh? That was an interesting conversation you two had after you suggested expanding your sex life," Gabe said. "I am proud to have played a part in it, even a fantasy part."
She had shared that with him! I was amazed. I knew she got along with this guy, but thought she would be too embarrassed to talk with him on such a personal level.
"That swinger movie really turned me on," Lynn admitted, in a lower voice. "The thought of mixing it up with other people in a group or at least having a fling did turn me on, but I'm afraid mentioning it may have unsettled Michael a little. He was trying to make light of it, but I could tell he was uneasy."
"I only met Michael once, and that was just in passing at the holiday office party," Gabe said. "He struck me as kind of straight. Maybe it did bother him that you were considering the benefits of stepping out."
"It was just fantasy, but I think it's important to share things I'm thinking with my honey," Lynn said. "Your name popped out as someone I could see becoming involved with if I did get the itch. You're funny but sensitive, flamboyant but discreet." She paused, then added lightly, "And with your energy and animated ways, I have a feeling you'd be awesome in bed."
"Well, I appreciate the good character recommendation. And truth be told, I'd love to show you how right you are on that last point."
There was a moment of silence.
"Well, this is getting heavy," Lynn said.
More silence. What was going on: Were they reaching out and holding hands, gazing hungrily into each others eyes, getting ready to check into the hotel next door?
The waitress showed up at my table, and asked if I was still waiting for my companion to arrive. The moment had long passed for me to announce my presence. It would be more than awkward to do so now. Not wanting my voice to be heard and perhaps recognized, I shook my head and just pointed at something on the menu, and held up one finger. The waitress filled out a slip and went away.
Lynn resumed the conversation on the other side of the divider, her tone sounding serious to me, even as she tried to make it sound light.
"Before this goes any further, and so I know what I might be getting into, do you have anyone you see on a steady basis?" I heard her ask. "I wouldn't want to be a home wrecker."
"I have no partner at present," Gabe replied, "but I'm always on the lookout for interesting, attractive people to share life with. I look for more than just one-night stands, but when I connect with someone I try not to be obsessive or possessive. And you're right, I know how to be circumspect."
"That sounds promising," Lynn commented.
"And I would also like to know more about the ramifications of who -- not what -- I may be 'getting into' soon," he said suggestively, to a titter from Lynn. "For instance, could I enjoy your company without having to be on guard for an attack by a jealous husband?"
"No worries," she said. "Michael is the strong, silent type, very masculine but also very gentle and liberal minded. If I did decide to expand my horizons, I wouldn't blindside him or give him any cause to react aggressively. I think he would respect my feelings and choices, and let me run."
"Awesome, and we may be able to put him to the test soon," Gabe said, "as you and I have been selected to represent the company on that business trip to Los Angeles."
"Really? And just us?" She sounded excited.
"Antonio and Sheri also," Gabe replied. "A big marketing presence. I believe it will be announced this afternoon. The company is trying to get its new designer line into a large retail chain in southern California, and they want their younger, most physically attractive employees to promote it lustfully. We'll be outfitted with a full wardrobe, and showing off the clothes while we're negotiating terms. We'll have five to seven days at a five star beach hotel with all the amenities in Santa Monica. Separate rooms, of course, so that we can keep our minds on business rather than pleasure -- during the days at least." Lynn tittered. "I looked it up," Gabe went on. "The hotel has a classy restaurant, lounge with good bands, big pool and spa to help us get 'steamy' in our off-hours."
She giggled again. I felt a gnawing sensation in my gut.
"Do you think Michael can survive a week without you?" Gabe asked.
"Of course he can. He's a big boy, and he has our good friends Chris and Jennifer to look after him if I'm away," Lynn said. "He'd be okay while someone else looks after me and diverts my mind from too much business," she added, coyly.
"You sincan oral yapan escortlar will look simply fabulous in one of the new fit and flare dresses," Gabe said. "And even more fabulous out of it, I predict."
Lynn tittered again.
The orders were brought on both sides of the divider. I ate in silence, naturally, while Lynn and Gabe also lightened up on the talk. I picked slowly, my appetite having diminished, and they finished before me, eventually rising to leave. He held the door for her again, which she acknowledged with an easy smile and a look more serious than the levity that had marked their entrance -- perhaps intimate was a better description. I despised his chiseled movie star looks. After a few moments, I paid my bill and left.
That evening, over dinner, I asked Lynn how her day had gone. "Anything new or exciting?"
I had to give her credit. She really did practice what she preached about being up front.
"I've been selected to help market our new line of clothing on a business trip to LA," she responded, brightly. "Short notice, but you and I don't have anything planned. We leave Tuesday -- four of us, Antonio, Sheri, Gabe and I. -- I don't know if you remember them from the office party. The trip may wind up Friday, but if there are unresolved details it could go over the weekend plus a day or two."
"So this gives you the opportunity for that liaison you speculated about," I said, trying to keep my tone light, even managing a weak smile.
"It does," she responded. "Michael, we have to be serious. Gabe and I really do click. I told him that you and I acted out that sexy fantasy in bed the other night, and that his name came up, and... well, he was so funny about it, but he did express interest in making it more than just a fantasy."
"I'm surprised you told him about that. Think you'll take him up on the offer?"
"He's attractive, and I have to admit that while I may have been half-joking when I made that suggestion about swinging or having an affair, it's starting to take on a new dimension in my thinking. Michael, how serious were you when you said I was 'a big girl' and you wouldn't stand in my way if I felt the need for some variety? If I went beyond just joking and thinking about it, how badly would it damage our relationship?"
She brushed back a strand of scarlet hair, looking at me deeply with those big blue eyes. I found her beautiful as ever, even as she virtually asked my permission to fuck around with impunity. I thought a moment, then hugged her as I answered.
"I love you, and will continue to even if you do hook up with another guy. I'll sure be uncomfortable thinking about it, and also be a little uptight that you may prefer Gabe's lighthearted ways to my seriousness, and show me the door. But if you decide to act out this fantasy, I'll just have to stand aside and take my chances. You're so willful that If I tried to stop you it would seal my doom even faster."
She threw her arms around me. We kissed intensely, running our hands over each other, and abruptly left our food on the table, heading to the bedroom where in between kissing breaks we virtually ripped each others clothes off. It did not last long, as we were both very primed, but was yet another sensual delight stimulated by Lynn's new mindset.
"You seemed to enjoy that," I said softly, stroking her as we lay together in the afterglow. "Think you still need to explore?"
"Not right now," she replied dreamily, with a satisfied smile.
* * *
"Wow, I can't believe Lynn is getting the itch," Chris said.
Jen was also attentive. We were sitting in their living room, sipping beer. Restive over Lynn's growing attraction to Gabe, I had decided to take these longtime friends into my confidence, wanting to hear their views.
"I'm not surprised that Lynn is thinking about it," said Jen.
"How come? It's not like she and I don't have a good sex life," I exclaimed.
"Guys are supreme egotists who think their own big dicks are the ultimate answer for every woman's erotic needs," Jen said, smiling as she brushed a long strand of blonde hair back in place. She was wearing a thin sun dress, which had ridden high on her as she sat with knees up on between Chris and I on the couch. The dress both hid and hinted at her natural assets. As always, she looked beautiful. And, as usual, she had a definite viewpoint.
"You guys eagerly service any female that comes your way, but can't imagine any woman wanting to shop around once she's experienced you. If she does, at first you're amazed and then you get really uptight -- she's turning slut! The old double standard thing. You don't like to think us girls look around and get tempted, same as you guys.
"Not everyone -- male or female -- acts out their temptations," I said. "I haven't since hooking up with Lynn. Our relationship's been too important to me. And until now, she hasn't shown any eagerness to screw around either."
"Well, that's the real danger I see for you, Michael," Jen said. "Lynn has always seemed like a one-guy-at-a-time kind of girl, and this would be new territory for her, trying to balance between two guys. Like I said, I'm not surprised that she's thinking about it -- she's only human -- I just don't know if she can handle the conflicts that will result."
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