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The Office Christmas Party Prize

Post #1

Welcome to fantasy land where the following story takes place. There may be some items in the story, that do not jibe with the reality we each experience daily. This was written as fun and is offered as something hopefully entertaining to read. The characters in this story do not represent anyone living in the past, present, or future. I sent it to someone to edit a month ago, but they never got back to me. So please excuse any editorial screw ups.
How the hell did I end up locked in here on Christmas Eve with two fuckin drunk elves. Lauren my girlfriend is going to kill me. It's not like we aren't already having problems, but if I don't make it to her parents' house tomorrow for lunch, I'm sure that will be the end of us and possibly the end of my life. I pulled out my cell phone to try calling security. Dead! I really need to get this stupid battery replaced. It doesn't even last half a day now.
This year's office party started out as usual. Management came out and handed out coupons for a free ham or turkey. A few people were recognized for special projects during the year, then as far as the company was concerned it was over and everyone was free to go home early. Management, Director level and above went upstairs to the board room along with their admin assistants. Once they were gone, that's when the punch got spiked and the real party got started for the rest of us peons that work for a living. I work as a project manager for a software consulting firm. As a group, we work hard to develop systems for our clients who without fail want everything in production before the end of the year when the budget money goes away. So, between Thanksgiving and Christmas we work long hours to make sure we aren't working the week between Christmas and New Year's. Evidently my two little frisky elves and I had a little too much Christmas cheer and passed out at some point during the festivities.
So back to my original question, how did I end up in here. I remember Rachel hanging out underneath the mistletoe strategically stepping in and out of the doorway depending on who was coming through. I was heading for the breakroom, and I was following Rick. Rachel must have been trying to avoid Rick; they had dated before, and it didn't end well. Just after he passed through, she jumped back under the mistletoe just as I was coming through. She slammed me up against the door frame, planted a kiss on me and wouldn't let me go. Normally, I wouldn't mind this, she's not bad looking, but she's been with everybody on the floor. Sloppy seconds are ok sometimes, I'm just not into sloppy fiftieths. It's amazing what a little rum will do to some people. I finally got away from her and into the snack room where I grabbed some sausage balls, rum punch, and festive pastries to eat. I talked to Rick and some others about the best way to get out avoiding Rachel and headed back out into the bullpen.
I remember, a little while later Mary came around and refilled my punch. Someone pulled out a speaker and started playing a dance mix. I remember following Karen's cute little ass through a conga line around the office floor. Mary came around with more drinks. I remember Cristy losing a bet and heading into one of the offices with Rick. She had a really scarred look on her face, but when she came out fifteen minutes later, she seemed pretty happy, and so did Rick.
I remember Mary coming around again, this time she was topless. There are some things in life you just can't unsee. 55-year-old Mary who without a bra had breasts that sagged down to her knees was one of those things. But I will take my hat off to her, she wasn't letting her age or figure stop her from having a good time. I remember seeing one of our corporate security officers following Mary around.
Our security agents were cool during the holidays. They kind of let things go where they would and only stepped in if a fight broke out or if someone was getting a bit too drunk. That officer was probably following Mary around because Mary was drunk off her ass and God knows what she's going to take off next.
I remember seeing the two little elves. I was pretty sure they were the two college interns, Madison and Toni, working for us this semester. They were heading into the snack room, so I followed. This was their last day so I thought I would try to get a hug and maybe grab their asses or something. I vaguely remember hitting the door frame to the snack room again and that's all I remember until just a few minutes ago.
I tried both doors to the room and they were both locked. Looking outside It was dark, I checked my phone, out of habit and cursed again that I hadn't gotten the battery replaced before now. I wondered if the elves had their phones. I coughed loudly hoping it would wake up the elves. It worked; they started coming back to life. I reached out my hands and helped them up off the floor and compared notes with them about our situation.
"So how the fuck do we get out of here" Madison asked.
"If ankara dansöz escortlar you phone isn't dead like mine, you could call security and tell them to come let us out." I said as both girls hands initially went to their asses, and then to their breasts.
"They're at your desk." Toni Said, "We left them in you top drawer with our panties remember"
I laughed.
Toni suddenly realized what she had just said and started turning red. I wasn't sure if it was red embarrassment or red anger.
"Perv" she hissed at me.
That would be red anger I said to myself.
"You're the one that brought up the subject, not me and I didn't say anything." I said defensively.
Toni and Madison turned and faced each other as they both let out a big huff.
"I guess we wait for security" I said.
"But I'm going to another party tonight," said Toni.
"Not unless it's after 10 at the earliest" I said.
"Why 10" asked Madison.
"Because security should make their rounds at 9. Assuming they do that, it will probably take us an hour to convince security that we are employees, not spies or some other nonsense and get them too let us go" I explained.
Madison and Toni sat backdown on the floor next to each other and leaned on each other's shoulders.
I had to chuckle to myself looking at them. They were both wearing the same outfit. They had on little green elf dresses with low cut necklines and white fur trim. They had on matching little hats and fake pointed elf ears and as I found out earlier, no panties. I wondered if they had bras on or not.
I continued to look around the room just to see what else was there. We had three vending machines with different kinds of crap in them. A coffee pot, and a large bowl of the punch left. In the cabinets were paper plates, coffee filters, some plastic utensils, and plastic cups. Nothing really to help us.
I sat down against the wall opposite the elves. The elves looked at me like they were mad I wasn't doing more to get them out.
I laughed, "you two look so cute sitting there like that. "
At first, they looked at me like they were pissed at me. Then they looked at each other and they started to laugh.
"You think we're just cute" she pouted.
I looked at them again and said, "I can go up to Pretty".
Madison looked at me sternly. Just pretty she said as they both moved their legs out from under them and sat with their knees in the air and their feet spread apart a little.
"Ok you just moved to fuckin hot" I said. They both had well maintained bushes leading down to surprisingly wet pussies.
"Was that for someone special here" I asked.
"Not particularly, it just depended on who could name all of Santa's reindeer" Toni said.
"So, If I can name all of Santa's reindeer what do I get?" I asked
"You get a very special present" Madison said as she started to pet her pussy.
"How many people got them right tonight?" I asked.
"None" pouted Madison.
"So, you got all dressed up and no one to screw you" I laughed.
"How about you give it a try Mitch," said Toni sarcastically as if she thought there was no way I could possibly do it.
"I don't know if I can do it, "I said playing to her doubt.
"If you enjoy giving out presents, how about you give me a present for each reindeer I get right" I suggested, never thinking they would go for it.
"Ok" said Toni as she got up and poured herself another cup of punch.
"Who's the first reindeer?" Madison asked
"Dasher" I answered.
Toni Jumped up and down. "You're right" she said. As Madison bounced over and gave me a big kiss and tossed her hat on the ground.
"Dancer" I said.
Toni tossed her hat over to where Madison's was.
"Prancer" I said after thinking a second.
Off came Madison's dress.
Both girls just finished the first semester of their senior year studying computer science. That made them about 5 years younger than me. Madison was blonde with shoulder length hair. She had hazel eyes and cute little dimples when she smiled. She was probably about 5'3". From what I could see now she had a well-toned body and wonderfully proportioned breasts probably a medium to large 'B' cup about baseball size. She stood there in front of me striking a pose with her face looking right at me, and the rest of her body angled slightly to her right.
"Wowzah" was all I could say.
Madison blushed and said "Ok, next"
I looked at Toni and said "Vixen"
Toni dropped her dress in a pile at her ankles.
Toni had long black hair that fell mid-way down her back. Her hair along with her dark tan skin accented her piercing blue eyes. She was around 5'6" and most of that was legs. She had the kind of legs that could wrap around you and squeeze you until you died, and you would be happy she did. She obviously worked out like Madison and her breasts were probably small to medium 'C' cups or the size of a softball. She stood there elvankent saatlik veren escortlar and struck the opposite pose to Madison looking like very sexy bookends.
I just stood there with my mouth open unable to say anything. Evidently the ladies took that as a compliment and huge smiles crossed their faces.
Before they could ask, I barked out "Comet".
Both ladies giggled. Madison spoke up "Want a snack"
Madison and Toni pushed a couple of the lunch tables together. Madison hopped up on one end and laid down on her back.
"Your dinner is served" said Toni as she moved a chair over in front of Madison's dripping pussy.
I took my shirt off as I walked over and took a seat. I knew where I was hoping this was going and I didn't want anything in the way of it.
I slowly started moving my fingers around the outside of Madison's pussy mostly just petting it and lightly blowing on it. Madison started giggling and moaning lightly. She was so wet and horney I really didn't need to do this much. I used my finger to softly spread apart her lips and ran my tongue up and down the newly open pussy. Madison was breathing deeper now. I could see her chest rising and falling. I put my arms under her legs pulling her closer to me where my hands could reach her breasts. I started softly squeezing her soft, full breasts while I continued running my tongue up and down her pussy. I could feel Madison's breathing getting faster. I quickly dipped my tongue into her vagina giving her a shock. She jerked as I lightly penetrated it. Then I began licking circles around her clit. At times doing a figure eight around her clit and then around the bottom part of her pussy. Her breathing was faster and faster accompanied by louder and deeper sounding moans. I flicked my tongue on her clit and I could feel her whole-body contract. I flicked my tongue on it again and her moans started to turn into groans. I sucked her clit into my mouth and softly bit it. Her groan turned into words.
"OH Fuck, Fuck Yes, keep going" she mumbled
"I used two fingers from my other hand to penetrate into her pussy slowly cupping my fingers and sliding in and out.
"Oh, FUCK Yes, OH FUCK" she growled
I used my tongue to press down harder on her clit and flicked my tongue back and forth across it
"Oh my God yes, I'm gonna cum"
I sucked on her clit again and lightly bit it. As soon as I nipped at it, I got a face full of her, it continued as she grabbed my head and pulled my face against her pussy. I could feel her grinding my face against her pussy and her body continuing to contract and lurch in response to my continued tongue action.
Finally, she let go of my head. Before I could say anything else.
Toni spit out "Cupid"
"That's right, you got it" I said, as she hopped up on the other end of the table and spready her legs out waiting for me.
"He's supposed to name them you silly slut not you!" Madison said giggling.
"I didn't want to take a chance on him getting it wrong and miss my chance for what you just got" Toni replied giggling.
As I moved around the table and took my seat at that end of the table, I dropped my pants again to get ready for what I hoped was coming. Toni looked me straight in the eyes.
"Same thing you hear me, same thing" she said in a very determined voice.
I switched things up a little with her though. I stood up and leaned over the table and started sucking on Toni's nipples while my hand slowly started massaging her already wet pussy. Once her pussy was nice and wet, I separated her slit with my hand and gave a quick thrust in with two fingers up along the top so that my hand grazed along her clit. Watching Madison must have done a lot for her. As soon as I touched her clit, she screamed, her whole body contracted, and she exploded. She was embarrassed and she started to tear up, so I gave her a kiss and said. Now you're ready for me. I kissed her again and started eating her pussy. I moved a little faster with Toni and went straight to just running my tongue around her pussy and flicking my tongue on her clit.
Every time I touched her clit she would scream "YES".
Toni was very sensitive to my touch. I found that light touch drove her crazy, while firm touch and licks worked better on Madison. I continued sucking her clit, and finger fucking her pussy for a while. As soon as she would start tensing up to cum, reaching the tipping point, I would just touch her clit lightly or softly blow on her clit and she would have another orgasm.
Finally, she pushed my head away from her, sweating and trembling she whispered "enough"
I sat back in the chair and took a breath.
Madison looked at me. "Do you know the next two?" she asked.
I looked at her with tired eyes "Donner and Blitzen" I said with all the gusto I could manage.
Madison and Toni both crawled up to me. They reached up and pulled off my underwear finally letting my dick that had been etimesgut azeri escortlar straining to get out for quite a while, out.
I'm not superhuman porno material. I'm fairly average. Maybe a little longer, than average, but from what I've been told my girth sets me apart.
Both ladies reached out and ran their hands over my dick in an almost reverent manner. I looked at their faces which two minutes ago had looked tired and out of energy. Now there was a look of hunger on their faces, and I was the meal.
Madison was the first to strike, taking my dick deep into her mouth and pumping up and down for a minute or so. Toni tapped Madison on the shoulder. Madison came up gave my dick head a quick kiss and moved out of the way. Toni took the opposite approach. She started licking my dick from my balls up to the head. She took it slowly and played at taking my dick into her mouth. She would lick for a little while, then put my dick head into her mouth, and then go back to licking or she would drive her mouth down over my dick making most of it disappear. Then the two ladies started taking turns. Each one would suck my dick for one minute then the next would hop on with as little time between as they could manage. They were playing Russian roulette with my dick. Whoever made me blow won. They kept this up driving their mouths deep on my dick. Madison reached the point where she could take my entire dick in and hold it. Then she would come back up and ride up and down on my dick. It took Toni a little bit longer to get there, but she did. I could feel my load growing. Not wanting to ruin the surprise I just laid my head back and closed my eyes concentrating on the growing pressure in my balls. Suddenly just as one of the ladies had finished a deep dive on my dick, it exploded, shooting at least two maybe three streams into her mouth. After she let me go, I immediately felt a tongue licking my shaft and sucking any remaining cum off of me. I opened my eyes to see Toni smiling with cum running down here chin. Madison turned around and started kissing her and licking up the cum that was escaping Toni's mouth.
The ladies saw me looking at them, and I collapsed on the floor. Both ladies laid down next to me. I'm not sure how long we laid there naked on the floor.
We were awakened by the sound of the door being unlocked.
We all jumped up, I ran to the door and held it shut while the ladies put their dresses back on quickly. Then they came over and peeked out the door where they were greeted by a security guard. They quickly went out of the room and distracted the guard while I got my clothes back on and came out to join them.
We explained to the confused guard how we were cleaning up and the doors closed, and the deadbolts kicked in locking us in. We thanked her profusely for letting us out. Yes, that was total BS but hopefully it would get us out of the building without any write up.
"Glad we found you" She said, "This was the last walk through before we come back in after New Year's."
Wow we dodged a bullet I thought.
As we started to head for the door, we heard the guard yell back over her shoulder "You might want to consider wearing clothes the next time you're cleaning up the break room"
The guard headed into the stairwell laughing.
I had a bad feeling about this. All I needed was for the guard to start telling people what she saw.
We all started to head to the elevator when Toni yelled "Oh Shit"
Madison and I looked at her. Toni had gone to get their phones and panties. It was 11:23PM Christmas morning. We had all missed our Christmas eve plans. We had all been on such a high after our reindeer naming activities. Now we were all kind of down. We left the elevator and exited the building together.
Madison looked at Toni and asked "You've got a long drive; do you want to stay at my place tonight"
"That would be nice" Toni Said.
"Where do you live Mitch?" asked Madison.
"I'm fine," I said, "I'm just two blocks away, but I have a spare bedroom if you want to stay at my place".
Madison and Toni looked at each other trying to decide.
I walked over closer to them and whispered "Rudolph".
Both ladies grinned huge grins. "Your place it is" they said in unison.
I drive a standard sized pickup, in other words no back seat. I wasn't really thinking when I said I would drive. We got to the truck, and both ladies looked at me. They could tell I was embarrassed by my lack of forethought but before I could start to apologize and work out something else, they both jumped into the passenger side with Toni sitting in Madison's lap. I climbed into the driver's seat, started the truck, and started to drive out of the parking lot. As I looked to my right to clear myself, I couldn't help but notice that Madison was reaching around Toni playing with her while they kissed. This was going to be an interesting drive home I thought.
"We're here ladies" I announced as I parked and climbed out of my truck.
"Need any help", a voice behind me said.
I spun around not expecting anyone to be out at this time.
It was the guard from work.
"Christ you scared the shit out of me. Don't sneak up on me like that" I said.
"Need any help getting them in the house" the guard repeated.
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