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The Nanny Pt. 02

Post #1

Julia ran up the stairs, her ankles protesting at being made to move so fast in such high heels. She was chanting the word "no" over and over. For the first time in her short career, it never even occurred to check on the children. All she wanted to do was reach the safety of her room, but the closer she got, the more she realized that this would be no barrier to having to face her employees. Why the hell had she not gone straight to bed when she had got back?
Julia feared she was in big trouble, the type that would cost her job.
It was five minutes before Mrs. Remmer tentatively stepped into Julia's room, having knocked lightly twice. She had no wish to wake her little ones. Surprised not to see Julia sitting on the bed, the realization hit her that she was in the shower. She smiled; Julia's hiding, she thought. Hoping their lovely nanny was not too thrown by what Julia had seen, Mrs. Remmer's picked up the sweater and skirt thrown carelessly onto the floor. This concerned her as Julia was usually tidy, so she made a nice folded pile of the clothes. The clothes were damp from the rain outside, and Mrs. Remmer wondered why. Finally, she placed Julia's high-heeled shoes on the top, but not before admiring them. Who did not love a heel? Then Mrs. Remmer spotted something else on the floor and picked up Julia's panties. Then, Mrs. Remmer grinned; a small, much damper patch in that position was very unlikely to have come from the rain.
Julia pressed the button on the shower, and after a few moments, the water stopped. She strained her ears, listening to see if she could hear anything. Julia dried herself, still very alert for noises outside, and then put on the tee shirt and panties that she would wear to bed. Wanting to avoid going out of the bathroom, Julia played for even more time and fussed about before eventually putting her hair up. She was so tense, but there was nothing else to do but open the door, dive into bed and turn out the lights. Julia was pretty sure she was not about to sleep, but perhaps the long night ahead would give her some time to think and plan how the hell she could apologize, not to mention saving her job. Life without Holly and David, actually all the Remmer's, was unthinkable.
Taking a deep breath, she opened the door but then jumped in surprise. A smiling Mrs. Remmer was sitting on the bed quietly waiting for her. She was wearing a robe.
"What on earth happened to you?" Mrs. Remmer said.
"Mrs. Remmer, I, er, er," Julia stumbled.
"Call me Anna," Mrs. Remmer replied. Julia was constantly told to use her employer's first names but always found it hard to remember. Anna continued. "Your clothes are soaked. Did you walk home?" And then she made a little patting motion with her hand on the bed as if to say sit here and tell me all. A confused Julia sat down; she had expected an angry Mrs. Remmer insisting on discussing what happened downstairs. But, instead, her boss was more interested in her wet clothes. Grateful to talk about anything other than why she had watched her bosses fucking she sat and engaged over-enthusiastically in slagging off the behavior of her date.
To Mrs. Remmer's relief, it was pretty easy to get Julia relaxed again. She had noted how anxious she was when she emerged from the bathroom and wrongly blamed the fact that Julia had experienced yet another horrible date night.
However, Mrs. Remmer was good at relaxing people. They ended up with Julia lying on her front, giggling about Anna's funny stories concerning the disastrous dates she had been on. Julia realized suddenly she had been playing with Mrs. Remmer's hair running it through her fingers as she would have done with her friends at home. She missed girly chats, but she pulled back in surprise that she had been so forward with her boss.
"Anna," she suddenly said, "I don't think I will ever get a man." But then, she paused, "not like Mr. Remmer anyway!"
"Sure you will, sweetheart," Anna replied, and to Julia's shock, her boss reached forward and gently kissed her on the lips. "You are beautiful, kind, and passionate. All Men, including my husband, quickly learn to adore you." She said. Anna waited a few seconds for those words to sink in, and when Julia went back to running Anna's hair through her fingers, Mrs. Remmer kissed her again, getting a response from Julia's lips this time. They continued kissing Anna's hand, running down Julia's back to her ass and then back up again to her head. She gently moved Julia's head slightly and stepped up the passion in her kisses. Finally, their heads parted.
"Did you like watching Paul and me making love?" Anna asked tentatively, and immediately Julia froze. Anna kissed her again, but Julia's lips were stiff again.
"I am so," she went to say, but Anna stopped her with a finger over her lips, reassuring her and telling her all she and Paul cared about was that she was okay. Mrs. Remmer placed an arm around her nanny's shoulder, and they enjoyed a long delicious kiss.
"I thought ankara evi olan escortlar you would fire me," Julia said, gasping when they came up for air. Julia's stomach was doing somersaults; this was so surreal, but she needed to get that out in the open.
"Oh my god, Julia," said Anna in shock. "Fire you? Is that what you are worried about? We have no idea how we would survive without you." Anna rolled Julia onto her side, her hand now freely wandering over her ass, and she was smiling at her in the way she had with her husband earlier. "You are so very beautiful," Julia whispered.
"No, I am not, protested Julia. "Not like you, Anna. With your lovely legs and magnificent tits." Julia stopped, shocked by what she had just said.
"Thank you," was all Anna said in reply, and she got Julia lying on her back with her own body resting on top. She pushed a few strains of hair off her face. "You young lady are so pretty," she said. "You just don't know it yet. Have you not seen how my husband can't keep his eyes off you?" They kissed again, and Julia played once more with her boss's hair. She did not know what to say to that.
"I love your hair," she managed to say when they paused in their kissing. Anna moved over the top of Julia and sat up, sitting on Julia's legs. Her hands ran a little way up her bare stomach to the bottom of Julia's tee shirt.
"May I?" she said. Julia's hand flew to the bottom of her shirt and grabbed it. "Please," Anna added, and Julia nervously removed her arm. Anna carefully lifted Julia's top, baring her breasts before running her fingernails over her bared torso. Anna smiled, looking at Julia's tits. "You know I have always wanted to see these," she said. Anna noting that this comment seemed to have made Julia tense again, reached forward and kissed her on the lips before briefly kissing her right breast. Her head then moved to the other side, lifting Julia's tee shirt a little higher as she did. Anna gently kissed her other breast, watching her reaction. Happy that Julia was relaxed again, she said, "they taste so good." Anna lowered her head and took as much of the flesh in her mouth as she could.
Julia lay still stroking her boss's hair as she went from side to side. Enjoying first one tit and then the other. It felt so good, so relaxing that Julia thought she could lay there forever.
"Is that nice?" Anna asked, sitting up and slowly taking off her robe. She was now naked, and she reached out for Julia's arms and pulled her hands onto her breasts. For a moment, the girls cupped each other's tits before Mrs. Remmer lowered herself again, and they resumed kissing. Anna let out a little gasp which delighted Julia when she leaned across her, placed her nipple onto Julia's mouth, and Julia tentatively kissed it. Anna's reaction gave her the confidence to follow up with a much firmer kiss.
They lay like that for a while. Julia trying to imitate the way Mrs. Remmer had kissed and licked her own breasts just a few minutes earlier. So when Julia heard Anna mutter, "good girl," she was thrilled. Next, Julia tried using her hands as well, which seemed to get a good response. Then finally, Mrs. Remmer sought out Julia's mouth with her own, and once more, they kissed. Anna was happy to note that Julia's hands were now all over her body as they made out. Then she rolled off to the side and looked at Julia.
"Shall we go see what Paul is doing?" She said. "I expect he would like to join us?" Julia asked if he was mad with her about earlier. "Good grief no," said Anna. "I sent him off to shower after I had grabbed a quick one." Julia looked amazed that her boss had found the time to shower. "You spent so long faffing about in the bathroom I could have had my hair colored." laughed Anna.
Julia was confused about what they were doing, unsure what was happening, but she went along with Anna's plan. Julia put some shorts on, pulled her tee-shirt down, and made herself respectable. She allowed herself to be led to the Remmer's room. On the way, her nerve went a bit, and Julia protested that they should check on the children. Anna's assured her she had done so already, and anyway, they were fine. Then Julia asked again for reassurance that Paul was not angry.
"Ask him yourself," said Anna, "Oh!" They had reached the Remmer's room, but there was no Paul. Anna observing that he had probably gone back to bloody work, and then she concerned Julia a bit by saying something about despite having two beautiful women to entertain.
The two ladies began chatting again, and Julia started to relax, admiring her boss's body as she changed into a very sexy nightgown that barely contained her large breasts. Noticing the look on her face, she kissed Julia before wrapping herself up again in the robe. She told more stories, and in the end, Julia found her head resting on Anna's lap as they lay on the bed.
Suddenly Mr. Remmer returned, making Julia jump up like a naughty schoolgirl being caught doing something mischievous.
"It's elvankent olgun escortlar okay," cooed Anna, "it's only Paul," and she pulled Julia back, so she rested once more on her chest. Anna's robe had come open, so Julia's head was resting against bare skin. Julia had been startled because she was so relaxed that she had not heard Paul coming. Anna had been stroking her arms. But there were other surprises too. He was bare-chested, wearing only tracksuit bottoms, and he was carrying a bottle of champagne and three glasses. His comment about "for a little celebration afterward" made Julia arch her head and look at Anna.
"It's okay," repeated Anna.
"You haven't spoken to her?" said Paul sitting on the edge of the bed. Julia's head turned back to him, confusion across her face. Anna smiled, kissed the top of Julia's head, and then stroked down both of Julia's arms with her hands.
"We got a little distracted," Anna replied. There was a pause and then both Remmer's giggled. Julia tensed, alarmed at the comment. She had been too nervous and too horny to think about Mr. Remmer when she was kissing Mrs. Remmer. But it suddenly struck her what the consequences of her behavior were. Had she avoided the outcome of one mistake by making an even bigger one and then really getting herself fired.
Now Anna had revealed what they had been up to. Sort of anyway! Sure they had only kissed and touched a bit, but Julia was sure it was enough to make most husbands unhappy. She held her breath and waited for his reaction.
"Did you like kissing my wife?" Paul asked, and Mrs. Remmer observed that they had a lot of fun and then told her husband to come here. Julia watched as he rose and then stood by Anna, and they kissed lovingly. Her hand ran down his chest and down to the bulge in his trousers. He leaned over them both and looked down, smiling as Mrs. Remmer kissed the top of Julia's head.
"You like my husband, don't you?" Mrs. Remmer said, "especially when he has his shirt off, but then he has a great body." And Julia blushed. What the hell did she say to that? "I also know he likes you," she continued. He briefly stroked Julia's face and then kissed his wife again, who more blatantly stroked his dick through the material of his trousers. Julia could not take her eyes from what Anna was doing. The image of his massive dick in her mind from earlier. "I mean, he really likes you, Julia," Mrs. Remmer repeated when they ceased kissing. She had put an overemphasis on the word "really." This time it was Paul who stroked Julia's bare arm.
Julia could feel him looking at her, and slowly almost against her will, her head raised to look at him. He was smiling with a strange look on his face.
"Lay back, Julia," he said softly. Mrs. Remmer stopped touching her husband's dick and used her arms to ease Julia back into a laying down position.
"I think you need a real man," she said gently. "A man you can trust. To show you the ropes" Anna laughed, but Julia looked up in alarm. "Don't worry, sweetheart, trust us, it's so much better to be with someone experienced, and I'll stay with you. Anything you don't like, we will just stop." There was a pause, and Julia did go to speak, but Anna spoke again. "Paul and I have what's called an open marriage," she said. "Do you know what that is? Julia nodded, and she saw Anna nod to Paul. "Let's start by taking these off," Anna said.
Julia watched her heart pounding as Paul sat on the bed by her legs and very slowly pulled her shorts and panties down, lifting them over her legs and knees as she raised them to help. She could not believe how he could move so slow when she was so excited. Anna told her how lovely she was, and her hands rested on Julia's breasts. Julia watched as four hands caressed her body Mrs. Remmer's on the top half, her husband on her legs.
"Are you okay," Mr. Remmer asked. Julia nodded but still tensed when he ran his hand up inside her shirt and touched her breasts. "If you get uncomfortable at any time, just tell me, and I will stop." He said. "I want this to be so special for you." Julia smiled. They were lovely, the Remmer's. Mr. Remmer began to kiss the top of her legs, and then, sitting up, he carefully opened Julia's legs as his fingers lightly touched across her skin and then down to brushing against her slit.
Julia began to breathe fast, surprised by how being touched so gently could feel so good. She reached out and gripped Anna's arm, receiving a reassuring message from her as Paul's head lowered and his tongue brushed against her pussy. Electrical pulses from the touch spread through her body. He continued with the gentlest of up and down strokes as Mrs. Remmer caressed her bare arms and legs.
"Oh, that's feels so good," Julia said, and for a moment, she felt embarrassed by how wet she was. However, that vanished when Paul's head lifted, and he smiled. Then, he rose entirely to kiss his wife again. Julia was a spectator for a moment etimesgut sarışın escortlar but was then included as Anna, and then Paul kissed her. Paul's kisses involving a strange kind of flicking of his tongue that Julia loved, and a salty taste that she assumed was the taste of her pussy juices. When he drew back, he looked hard at Julia.
"Carry on?" He said and conscious of Anna nodding encouragingly behind her, she replied.
"Yes, please." Paul smiled; their nanny was always so polite. This time he pressed a little harder, kissing her pussy as well as licking it. Julia began to breathe even faster, and when she looked up at Anna, she smiled back. Julia's feet began to shake a little, and so Anna reached forward and helped support them for her. As Paul continued, her breathing became louder and more ragged. But whenever she looked up at Anna, all she saw was encouragement, and slowly things began to build inside her, and she knew she was going to come. Her mind wandered to watching Anna come earlier, and she wondered if it would be that good.
Anna's body jolted, and she let out her fast audible cry, and her pussy tightened and then released bolts of pleasure that rushed through her body. Paul pulled his head back, and Anna lightly stroked her clit, heightening Julia's pleasure while at the same time it began to fade away slowly. Paul knelt between her legs, and Anna touched the tent that had now formed in his trousers. Julia looked at Anna and then Paul before she tentatively reached forward and touched the solid bulge too. Anna withdrew her hands as Julia began to use two hands, feeling the outline, how large it was, and how hard it felt.
"You have seen it before from a distance," said Paul. "Perhaps you like to see it up close?" Anna lifted Julia's tee shirt baring her breasts, and Julia felt a thrill as she watched him admiring her tits just like he had his wife's earlier that day. However, that was nothing to the excitement she felt when Paul lowered his tracksuit bottoms and out popped his dick. Julia took it in her hands and looked up at Anna for encouragement. She smiled and nodded and then got Julia to sit up a little more.
"Paul would like it if you sucked it," Anna said. "Just like you watched me do." Julia took the head in her mouth for a little bit, but the position was all wrong. So they adjusted their bodies, Anna pulling Julia's tee-shirt over her head at the same time. "Are you glad you spied on us now?" Asked Anna, and Julie said she was.
Paul stroked the back of her hair as Julie hesitated for several moments. No one said anything. He patiently waited for me, thought Julia as she lowered her head and slipped his dick into her mouth for the second time. Her bosses just let her do what she wanted, bobbing her head up and down slowly, taking only a tiny part of his dick into her mouth.
"is that right?" She asked.
"It's incredible," replied Paul, and although she was not convinced he was telling the truth, she was still pleased and redoubled her efforts to do well. As she continued blowing her boss, they reached over the top of her, and they began to kiss. At the same time, Julia's felt Mr. Remmer's hand touch the back of her head, and he applied some gentle pressure helping to push her down onto his dick.
Julia continued taking only a little of his dick into her mouth, moving very slowly and deliberately. She stopped regularly. Always keen to seek reassurance that she was doing well before then continuing. Her left hand reached back, sought for Anna's hand, and when she found it, she gripped it tightly, pulling it forward, so it was by her side. Anna's mouth left her husband's and kissed the back of Julia's neck, telling her she was doing so well.
Julia began to gasp a little, but it was not clear if this was because she had started to take Paul's dick a little deeper into her mouth or because Anna had used her free hand to begin to stroke Julia's clit. Either way, when the Remmer's shared a glance, it was a look of reassurance that their nanny was both happy and doing well. Next, Julia tried licking the shaft of Paul's cock.
"Paul, she is so wet," Anna observed. "I think maybe is she is ready." Julia's mouth had begun to ache a little, so she sat back, seeking a brief rest. However, she still stroked Paul's dick and looked up at him, taking in the pleasure written across his face.
"Are you ready for Paul to fuck you?" Asked Anna, and when Julia tensed once more, she added, "It's okay he will be gentle and anyway," she smiled, "you are more than ready." Julia had not answered, but Paul walked away. Julia watched him pick a small bag off the dressing table. It took a moment for her to realized it was a pack of condoms. Julia scolded herself; she was so excited and thrown by tonight's events she was not thinking. She would have lain back and let Paul take her without any thought of having safe sex; this made her wonder if maybe she was assuming too much in other ways too.
"Do you want to do this, Mr. Remmer?" She said.
"God yes!" He replied. And he reached forward and pulled out the pins Julia had used to hold her hair up. For a moment, she pressed her head against his hand. Mr. Remmer smiled and said something reassuring while Mrs. Remmer shook Julia's hair out, so it hung down nicely.
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