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My Wife?s Delightful Obsession 06

Post #1

(These parties of Ken's have been referenced earlier so here's one according to Jim!)
Getting ready for Ken's party, i told Suzie, "You're going to have every guy in there tripping over each other and all the girls jealous as hell. Either that or all the girls will want to fuck you too."
"Remember, I dressed professionally. I know what to do to get attention. In fact," she laughed, "I should start charging you!"
"And I'd pay it. Fuck, just look at you, Suzie."
At what point I kissed her passionately.
"Jim! Are you turned on? Now I have to go reapply my lipstick."
We eventually got next door at Ken's. The closest couple turned out to be the last arrival but as I predicted, as soon as Suzie stepped across the threshold everyone stopped talking and all eyes were on her as the sex bomb vision joined the party! Don't get me wrong, there were some very beautiful women there but Suzie was to die for and I was thinking, just wait till the dress comes off, you haven't seen anything yet.
This was the meet and greet part where people had drinks and got to know each other a little bit. The only partiers we had met before were Dan and Chelsea, the aforementioned, Dan, who hound dogged Suzie all night because he was smitten. Now, with her most recent entrance, Dan looked like he was in a state of catatonia. His wife, Chelsea, was a dark haired girl with a Betty Page coif. She was a funny, sweet and sexy with a big inviting booty. I missed out on the first go round but that wouldn't happen again.
Generally, Ken had a keen eye for who he invited and there was no earthly reason not to try them all. This was what swingers came for. I hadn't had any experience with larger groups and I didn't know if he'd pull his trick of inviting a couple extra guys. The larger group would be a little different for us, well for me anyway. To what degree I didn't know.
Ken rallied the troops. "Hey, everybody, feel free to mingle and talk as long as you like and, of course, make a deeper connection whenever you feel comfortable. There's a lot of desirable fruit on the tree so taste them all and feel free to use our whole house. And most of all, have a 'fucking' great time."
Everyone applauded and went back to their conversations. I finished a margarita and poured another because tequila always felt good during sex. I looked around for Suzie and didn't spot her right away and that was because she was standing behind three guys. I knew from a distance, the look, the laugh, the eventual hookup. It was just a question of who first.
I was just spending time sipping my drink and watching those guys salivate over Suzie. It was turning me on to see her hold court with all that cock to choose from. One of the girls came and sat next to me. She introduced herself as Amy...
"I've never done anything like this before but Dave worked on me for months to give it a try but I have to say I'm nervous as fucking hell. And Dave is with those guys surrounding that hottie over there."
"That's my wife."
"He won't give up easily, even if they have to arm wrestle over her. How do you handle that, her being lusted over by a bunch of guys?"
"Well, at first it made me really nervous, just like you, but as we got into it more it's gone from nervous to aroused. I asked her if she'd be willing to fuck someone while I watched and she said yes."
"I know, but we've gotten deeper and deeper into group sex as we've gone along and we're enjoying it so much that it's become an important thing in our lives. How are things with you and Dave?"
"It's one of those things where the air's out of the tires. Dave's friends are crazy into me...more than Dave. I never stepped out on him but I'm guessing he's had a number of women on the side."
"And now here you are at a sex party sitting next to me."
"How about this? How about we boost our self-esteem by doing a little Miss America pageant with just you and me and we're also the judges?"
She laughed and said sure. "How about you first?"
I stood up, looked down with a little tilt of the head and took off for my trip down the runway. I did some goofy version with swaying hips and a pouty little smile. She loved it and kept laughing for a minute or so. "You like?" I asked? "Your turn, and then we'll give out the judge's awards."
She stood and I hadn't quite taken in all of her until now but as she began to walk I saw an absolutely show stopping body beneath her dress and she was gorgeous. She walked with more of a slink and looked at me like I was dinner and she hadn't eaten in two weeks.
"OMG, is all I have to say," so I said it. "Again, how did the air get out of the tires?"
She started laughing again. "Thanks," she said, "I think I needed to hear that."
She reached over and put her hand on my thigh. We locked eyes and she leaned in and French kissed me and moved her hand up my thigh until it ran into my hard-on. "Do you want to have me?" she asked quietly.
"Hell yes, but we haven't announced ankara bayan escortlar the award," I said, being silly.
"You win and here's your award," she said, unbuckling my belt and pulling out my cock. She started down on me and her active tongue licked my balls, moving up the shaft making me very happy. I thought this being her first experience with a group she would want to go for the bedroom but she quickly stopped caring where she was or even that her husband was fifteen feet away.
She stood up, took a hit off her drink and stripped while I jerked off. It was pro caliber. It was either very inspired or there was a background she hadn't mentioned. She removed everything but her panties and heels. Then she slowly removed my clothes and led me to the kitchen. Holding onto the counter she spread her legs and offered up her backside.
I ever so delicately pulled her panties to the floor. She was almost imperceptibly trembling and I felt it when I placed my hands on her ankles and ran them up her legs and eventually allowing my right hand to find her receptive pussy. I slipped my middle finger up her hole and rubbed her clit with my forefinger. She started to shake more. "Uhhhhh," she moaned as I picked up the intensity.
"I want your cock, Jim."
I guided my shaft to the pink pretty and drilled her wetness while pulling her hips. Digging her fingers into the edge of the countertop she turned her head around and asked me to fuck her harder, "More, give me more," so I took a handful of her dark red hair and pounded her for awhile. I was enjoying how nice the parts fit together and how hot she was. I squeezed her ass and she seemed to get off on it so I slapped her buttock. We fucked another fifteen minutes or so until I pulled out and laid her onto her back across the kitchen table. I filled her for another energetic go and then withdrew and ejaculated on her beautiful tits. As she sat up thinking it was over I said, "We're not done yet, you sexy thing," and I lifted her up on the counter, spread her legs and ate her till she bucked her hips and came. At the end she put her arms around my neck holding tight.
"Fuck, that was great, Jim"
I told her, "You're so fucking hot, Amy. I watched guys passing by, looking at you taking it and I predict your pussy's going to be worn out by night's end."
"I didn't know if I could do this kind of thing in front of people but, now, uhhhh...." She giggled and left for the bathroom.
I looked over to find Suzie and her entourage gone. I wondered...
And the wondering didn't last long. In the sex room, the same three guys had her on a spit roast and the third guy underneath sucking her hard nipples. She was the star of the show. I watched for a few minutes as they rotated places and then I went back to the living room with my partial erection hanging out and on the hunt. It was the time of the evening where clothes, except a stray article of underwear, stayed off.
In the far corner, Amy found another admirer and Jenny was putting on quite a show on the still warm kitchen table with some body builder stud. My eyes traveled to a couple of girls on the sofa talking but subtly petting, occasionally kissing. They had already undressed each other. Something was happening that looked fun. It was Chelsea and a girl by the name of Janet. Met her in the early introductions but didn't know her. Janet was a real cutie and the two of them made a nice match. I thought I'd see if I could fill a void so to speak. In group sex, sometimes introductions were brief and sometimes not at all. You were there for a fuck fest not a book club meeting.
In the middle of their deep kissing and their nipples touching I went around to the back of Chelsea and asked if she minded. "No, baby, I've been waiting. My friend, Janet, might want some of that too." Janet smiled so I figured it was all right so while they kissed and fondled one another I moved Chelsea to all fours and entered her. When I started to pump her Janet's legs went in the air and Chelsea got into Janet's snatch and went to work eating her voraciously. Watching that got me harder and more excited by the minute. What I started to like about swinging and group sex in general was the spontaneity. I never heard, "you can't do that".
Chelsea came up for air with Janet's juices running down her chin and said, "Fuck me in the ass."
Banging that sweet ass was one of the highlights of the night. I might never have stopped but the girls wanted to switch positions so I could fuck Janet too. The buffet was spectacular and then, like that, I was planting my boner in Janet's juicy little cunt. Very nice and her pussy grabbed onto my cock like an old friend. This plus my looking over at Amy getting reamed out and Jenny loudly dominated on the table made my dick crazy.
I switched around back to Chelsea and went at that prime rear end again. Oh, my fucking lord she was sweet. At the same time I wanted some more of Janet so I proposed they both hang on to the back of the sofa elvankent seksi escortlar next to one another, asses in the air, and I would fuck both of them until I wore out and then I'd go down on both of them to get them off.
They agreed quickly and suddenly I was in pussy paradise...take your pick. Chelsea's rear almost dictated that I pound her hard and she liked it (we knocked the lamp over). Then I'd pull out and fuck the hell out of Janet and then back and forth all the while they're smiling and deep kissing each other.
All at once while I was giving it to Chelsea, her husband, Dan, fresh from my wife's mini-gangbang, walked up and stuck Janet while the opportunity was there. There was sort of an unwritten rule that you never fuck your own wife at one of these parties. The idea was that you had a smorgasbord of pussy, why would you want to do that? The women felt the same way. They could get that dick at home so when they agreed to come it was to experience other men. That meant that Dan would finish with Janet and I would have that sexy thing, Chelsea, all to myself.
While I was laying wood to Chelsea, Suzie appeared on the balcony to the sunken living room and looked over to see who I was doing. She watched for awhile but I had the feeling it wouldn't be long and, of course, I was right. One of the new guys, Ted, came over to sit by her and in a couple minutes she was smiling and I knew he'd be fucking her in a matter of moments.
My mind started wandering to Suzie's endless stream of partners and how monumentally our lives had changed since joining Ken's group sex parties. We weren't quite the same couple that moved into the neighborhood originally.
I was thinking these things while nailing Dan's wife with Dan right next to me. "How is she?" he asks out of the blue. "Heaven," I said getting back to the job at hand. I grabbed Chelsea off of the couch and laid her further down on the cushions and fucked her missionary so I could play with those generous tits of hers. She was happier than a clam and I fucked and sucked her with energy.
I took one brief look back at Suzie and Ted had her facing up against the corner of the wall and holding on while he had his way. Her petite frame jumped up and down with each thrust. OMG.
Whatever put me over the edge, I was about to shoot my wad and asked Chelsea where she'd like it. "Creme pie my ass so I have something to remember you by. And fuck me like you mean it."
That was about all the encouragement I needed. I flipped her over and after easing myself gently into her anus I proceeded to ram her until she screamed, shaking the whole couch until I blasted my cum into her hole. I caught Dan's face out of the corner of my eye. He looked like he was in WTF shock.
Exhausted, I laid against Chelsea's back for a couple minutes. She said, "if I know you're coming to one of these parties again I won't be missing it."
I realized, looking around, that I hadn't seen Ken much at all. He had a tray of drinks and then he was gone. Where oh where did my neighbor Ken go, where oh where can he be? I set off in search as a fun adventure. It took two minutes to find them out by the pool. I hadn't noticed because he kept all the lights off in the back except for the underwater pool lights.
Ken greeted my approach, "Jimmy!!! How's my happy humper? Found any attractive women your dick would appreciate?"
"Oh ya, I've had a great time. I'm surprised you guys are out here. Isn't this view sorta risky with the neighbors?"
"Not really," he said smiling. "You live on one side and Chris and his wife, Janey, live on the other side now. Jim, meet your naked new neighbor..."
I couldn't believe it, he was building a community! More pussy, all the time. Chris was about thirty-nine or forty. "Hi, Chris."
"And this is Chris's daughter, Zoey." Are you fucking kidding me? Bells and alarms we're going off in my head and as Zoey stood up to greet me my jaw dropped. She was a spectacular, nubile beauty with thick, blonde hair down to her ass. Perfect small tits and long legs just begging to be banged.
"It's okay, Jim, she's nineteen and her parents let her make her own choices."
"We gave her the tools to take care of herself," explained Chris, "and it turns out she really likes sex like we do. We taught her everything we knew but she has her own mind and we trust her to make her own decisions now and she wanted to come to the party."
It was then I had an out of body porn experience. I was convinced someone was filming this and I was going to have to sign a waiver.
"So, Jim, take a swim with me?" she extended her hand and asked the way you'd want to hear it from a nineteen year old beauty with no clothes on.
I was truly dumbfounded so played funny and said, "I have to ask your dad, right?"
Everybody laughed and so we dove in. All of a sudden the light dimmed in the pool and it got intimate. Really? He had a dimmer and her father didn't mind? While I was contemplating bayan etimesgut escort the state of our country's mores she popped out of the water right next to me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed. I had to remind myself she was nineteen and it was okay. The foreplay lasted fifteen or twenty minutes. A lot of gentle caressing and kissing. My stiffy came out of hibernation after realizing who I was with.
I entered her fresh young pussy and fucked her like an anxious teenager. "Let's go farther out in the yard so we can be alone," she said.
We slipped out of the pool and back by the trees where I kissed her and caressed her for a long time, occasionally jerking her clit. Then I doggied her while she held onto the tree. She was new pussy tight and I banged her and banged her soft ass until she yelped and then backed out and laid a trail of hot cum down her rear end. Then I got down on one knee, draped her leg over my shoulder while she held onto the tree I worked her clit until she came. The sound was low and guttural, like a lioness in heat.
We walked back to the pool and I asked if we could talk for a minute and she said sure.
"First of all, thanks for that. You're a stunning girl and fucking you has been both an honor and a pleasure." And then I bowed.
"Sure," she laughed.
"So I need to ask; ahhhh, my wife and I were looking for a young girl about your age..."
"You might want to hear all of it. We've wanted to have a girl..."
"for a three-way..."
"And you are perfect because some girls don't have the slightest experience. And because you're just a sophomore in college we know you need money so I'd want to pay you for your time. I hope you're not offended, I mean, we were going to hire an escort and I don't know if you've ever been with a woman but we'd be servicing each other..."
She put her forefinger to my lips. "Stop, I know what you want and I said 'yes'. I've already done this for another couple back at school...I'm not supposed to tell because...it was the Dean and his wife. My parents don't even know about it so please..."
"Oh sure, don't worry, your secret's safe. Wow, the Dean? Well, anyway, thanks, that's great.
We arranged a date and time, Suzie's birthday, and I explained that it would be a surprise so don't repeat it. The coolest part was getting to enjoy the Zoey present with her. Thank goodness Suzie's birthday was soon before Zoey had to go back to campus. She promised to text me with her cell number and she discreetly input mine into her phone when we came back to the lounge chairs.
I said goodbye to everyone and headed back to the house to find Suzie and go home. My dick was about to fall off. When I opened the slider there was yet another dude buried in her pussy, his eyes rolling back into his head.
I sidestepped them and found a spot on the sofa to watch until we left. Some people had gone, Jenny was probably in a back bedroom with someone and so it was just me and a woman I hadn't met.
From across the room, I said, "Hi, I'm Jim.:
"Hi," she said, "I'm Janey, I live next door."
"Oh, ya, I met your husband out back..."
"Oh, then you met my daughter, Zoey."
"Ahhhh, yes I did. Charming girl."
She looked at me squirming for a second and then, "So you fucked her, right?"
"Uhhh, yes, I might have done that. She sort of invited me into it and your husband didn't mind and so I..."
"It's okay, you can relax. She found out about our lifestyle early on and kept asking question after question and years later we don't get in the way of what she wants to do as long as she's careful. I had her on the pill when she was eighteen because I didn't want any surprises. It's a little weird still but she's an adult so...plus, she's got every guy in a ten mile radius drooling over her."
Then there was an awkward silence. We looked at each other saying nothing.
"Was she good?" she asked.
"Takes after me." And that finally broke the ice and we laughed. She got up and came and sat by me. Looking at my flaccid cock she said, "Had quite the night, eh?"
"Where's your wife?"
"Up there on the landing taking some guy's dick."
"Wow, she is gorgeous."
"That does seem to be the consensus," I said matter of factly. They've been lining up for her all night long. By the way, we're the neighbors on the other side of Ken."
"Oh, you're the ones he keeps taking about. Geez, you're almost famous. My husband, Chris, stumbled into a gangbang with your wife and joined in. He couldn't stop talking about her.
"You know," she said, "about the only ones who still need to get to know one another are the two of us."
She looked down at my weary dick. "But I'm not sure if I could get your attention."
Taking all of her in for a moment I realized how much Zoey looked like her, right down to the blue eyes, long blonde hair and slim build. I wondered suddenly if there was any gas left in the tank to properly welcome Janey to the neighborhood. Suzie was not going to stop anytime soon.
"I wouldn't mind if you performed a little CPR on me and if we can bring my broken dick back to life I know right where I'd like to put it to use" After I said that she moved in and kissed me.
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