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Filipinas: Eve

Post #1

Nobody in this story was underage.
The first time I flew into Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, it was quite an eye opener. When the transit office told me that I would likely be there for six or seven days before my next flight, I had no idea what I was going to do.
However, I had been assigned a contact person at the headquarters building who quickly filled me in. Although I had to run a specified distance (five or ten miles depending on the day) every day and practice at a special range that had been set up for the members of my detachment, most of my time at Clark would be mine.
I was allowed to eat at the mess hall anytime I wanted, but since the transit office housed me in quarters off-base, it was only practical to eat breakfast and lunch there. The primary reason my contact gave me for the stopover at Clark was to acclimate on my way to Southeast Asia (usually Laos) and recover on my return trip back to the states.
After I had checked in at the transit office and headquarters, and had dropped my weapons off at the armory, I caught a shuttle van to my room on Fields Avenue in Angeles City. I quickly noticed that the street was lined with bars.
I would seldom see members of my detachment while at Clark (or anyplace else on my travels), but I luckily bumped into a friend from my unit while I was going to my room. He was on his return trip to the states, so he offered to show me around Angeles City that night.
Tom knocked on my door an hour later after I had shaved and showered, and we went to a little restaurant just down the street. I was immediately struck by how many girls were out on the street. I mentioned that to Tom, and he laughed.
He said, "Get used to it. They put us in locations where we can find entertainment, and that means girls." While this was soaking in, a cute little waitress came to our table and took our orders.
After we had ordered, Tom continued. "Both here and in Thailand, you will get quarters in areas where there are lots of girlie bars."
"What's a girlie bar?" I asked.
He replied, "Just what you would think. They are bars where you can find girls to take back to your room."
I guess my jaw dropped because he explained that in our line of work, there was no guarantee that we would be making a return trip, so most of the guys took any opportunity they got to get laid, and that there was no easier place than here.
Lots of girls worked in the bars and could be rented by the hour or the night, and there were also girls around Angeles City and the base who were looking to get married to an American. He explained that the second category of girls might take considerably longer to get into bed because they wanted a commitment before they would sleep with you.
He also explained that there were mostly experienced bar girls (hookers) in the bars, but there are also sometimes virgins who had just been brought to the bar recently. That seemed very strange to me. Virgins in a brothel? Over time, this would seem less and less strange to me, and I actually looked for virgins in the bars, but for now it seemed strange.
After we ate our dinner, Tom and I walked a few doors down the street to what Tom said was his favorite bar. I had never seen so many bars in my life, but I soon realized that every bar had its own style, and you could find any kind of music you wanted within a block or two of the hotel where we were both staying. Tom's favorite bar played mostly rock... not my favorite... but it was OK.
We had no sooner entered than several girls came to our table wanting to sit with us. Tom explained to me how lady drinks worked. You were basically paying for the girl's time by buying drinks. He warned me that I should only buy a girl a drink if she truly interested me. Some girls never leave the bar, and spend all of their time just hustling drinks from guys. Those were the girls to stay away from.
Tom had a girl sitting on each side of him, but I hadn't selected a girl yet. While Tom was chatting up the girls sitting with him (and taking lots of liberties with his hands inside of their dresses), I saw a pretty girl at the far end of the bar.
I asked the waitress to ask her to come sit with me. I watched as the waitress went over to her. When the waitress first talked with the girl, this pretty girl looked over at me and shook her head. Then, an older woman went over to her, and she immediately got up to come to my table. I took it that this older woman was what Tom had called a mamasan.
The mamasan came over with the girl and introduced her to me. "This is Eve. She is new here and can't do everything regular bar girls can, but I am sure she can make you happy."
I turned to Eve and introduced myself, "I'm Pete. I'm happy to meet you."
The mamasan got another chair and Eve sat next to me. The mamasan talked with me for a few minutes ankara yabancı escortlar and discovered that I was new to Angeles City. She promised to come back to talk with me some more.
Tom was just about rolling on the floor with laughter at watching me with Eve. He said, "Pete, Eve is a cherry girl, which means that she is a virgin. She can go with you to your room, but you aren't allowed to fuck her."
"Oh." I replied. I was learning about Angeles City very quickly.
Tom spent the whole time we were in the bar with his hands on the two girls' breasts and between their legs. These were obviously very experienced girls. One of Tom's girls was not paying him as much attention as he wanted, and he sent her away.
After a while, Tom said he was going back to his room and taking his girl with him. "Will you be OK?" asked Tom.
I nodded. We were less than a block from the hotel, so I was pretty sure that I could find my way back.
Tom got up, and almost as an afterthought, he turned to me and said, "If you take this girl back to your room, the mamasan will tell you that you aren't allowed to bang her. The best answer is to say that you won't do anything the girl doesn't want to."
I thanked him, and off he went with his hand on his girl's butt.
Eve and I talked for quite a while (and of course I bought her a few lady drinks). It was a difficult conversation because she didn't speak English well, and I certainly didn't speak her language (which I later discovered to be Bisayan).
Somehow, though, we were able to communicate well enough that I decided that I liked her, and the feeling appeared to be mutual. Eve was from a small village called Oslob on the island of Cebu. I had no idea where either of those places were, but years later I would go there.
She said, "Speaking English for too long gives me a headache." Since then, I have heard this same line from many Filipinas. It just means that they aren't totally comfortable with the language (but most can speak and understand English much better than that which they give themselves credit). It's a confidence thing.
Eve had come to Angeles City believing that she was going to be a maid or a nanny, but she was taken to the bar and here she was. Eve was barely eighteen years old, but because she wasn't already married, her parents sent her to Luzon to find work. That was very common in the 1960's (and to some extent even today).
The woman who took her to Angeles City didn't really say much to Eve, but after she had talked with the bar owner, she said that Eve should do whatever they asked of her. Eve was now on contract to the bar, and she would have to pay the bar owner back the money he had spent and would spend before she could return home if she didn't like it here.
Eve said she still wasn't totally sure what her job was supposed to be at first, but that watching the other bar girls with customers had given her a pretty good idea. I had to get up early in the morning to run several miles on the base, and so I told her I would have to leave. I was surprised when Eve asked if she could come to my room. She said it didn't seem like there were very many nice guys there, but she thought I might be one.
I thought about it and called the mamasan over to the table. She went through her spiel, and I answered, "I won't do anything she doesn't want to."
The mamasan turned to Eve, and talked to her for a few minutes in a language I didn't understand. Then, Eve and I left the bar on our way to my room. It was just a short trip to my room, and when we got there, Eve looked around in wonder. She said that six of the girls slept in a room that was smaller than my room.
I asked Eve what she would like to do, and she said, "I would like to get a shower, and then we can go to bed."
I asked, "Will you get into trouble for that?"
Eve smiled and said, "If I do, then that is on me." Eve went into the bathroom (she called it a CR), and she took a shower before coming back into the room wrapped in a bath towel. It was late, so I had gotten undressed and was already under the sheet when she returned.
She asked, "Do you like me?"
Of course, I answered, "Yes."
She asked, "Would you like to sleep with me tonight?"
Again, "Yes" was my reply.
Eve unwrapped the towel from around her body, laid it on the bed, and then lay down on top of it on her back. Her eyes were closed, and she whispered, "I have never been with a man before, but I grew up in a one-room house, so I saw what my parents did at night. I will let you do those things to me, if you want."
I was awestruck. Here was this beautiful girl laying naked next to me on my bed offering herself to me. I said, "I have never done this before either, and I may not know how to do everything, so you may have to guide me."
She replied, "That was not what I was expecting, ankara yeni escortlar but I'm sure we can figure it out together."
With that, I rolled over and kissed Eve on the lips. That much I had done back in high school. Our kiss started out innocently with our lips closed, but soon our mouths opened a little and our tongues were dancing together. I was afraid that I would hurt Eve if I lay on her because I was probably twice her size and weight. Therefore, I didn't lay directly on Eve's body as we kissed and touched each other.
"This is nice," Eve said in a pause of our kisses.
"Yes, it is," I replied.
She gave me another short kiss, and asked, "Can you suck my nipples? I think that must feel really good."
I kissed her earlobes and down her neck to her breasts. Like most Filipinas, Eve's breasts were small. They were probably an "A" cup. Her nipples were also small, but they were aroused and hard already, so when my lips found the first nipple, she sighed in pleasure.
"This is even nicer," she breathed, and she pulled my head tighter to her breast.
I spent several minutes suckling Eve's breasts, and I let my lips wander around her breasts as well. At some point, I guess I must have been sucking too hard in the wrong place because a hickey appeared below the nipple on her right breast. That didn't look good, so I switched over to her left breast and gave her a hickey below her left nipple as well. At least she would have matching bruises.
"I am ready," she said. "Put your thing in me."
"Thing?" I replied.
"I don't know what to call it in English," Eve answered.
"Just call it a cock. That is probably easiest." I said.
"OK. Put you cock in me then," she said, barely audible.
"I think you will have to guide me, so I put it in the right place," I replied again.
"OK," Eve said. Then, she pulled me up on top of her so my knees were between her thighs. I felt her hand on my cock, and she said, "You feel very big, but I am afraid to look. Move up a little more, and I will put it in me."
I raised up on my arms, so my body wasn't directly on her and moved until she was able to rub my cockhead against her vaginal opening.
She said, "Push," so I pushed in hard.
I immediately felt my cock slide into her pussy a few inches. Eve cried out in pain, and I started to pull back, not wanting to hurt her, but she clung to me, not letting me pull out of her. She pulled down on my hips, causing my cock to sink even further into her depths.
"You are so big. Your cock is a lot bigger than my father's cock, and his was the only one I ever saw. It feels like your cock is completely filling me," Eve said. She said this while she was pushing against me trying to get me as deep as possible.
At this point, my cock was probably only half way in, but I didn't tell her that. Instead, I started a rhythm to push in and pull out a little, all the while penetrating her deeper and deeper with each thrust. Eve was pushing back at me on every thrust, and although I could tell she was still in pain, I decided to put that aside until my cock was fully buried in her because she obviously wanted this.
After a couple of minutes, I felt my cock hit another barrier deep inside of her pussy, but I still had a little over an inch not buried in her depths. Not really knowing what I was doing, but wanting my cock to be fully inside of her, I decided to finish the job. With a mighty thrust, my cockhead popped through her cervix and into her womb. Then, as she screamed again, I stopped. I was directly above her, but I was still trying to keep my weight from smashing her.
When she recovered from the final penetration, I let her take the initiative and set the rhythm. Pretty soon, our bodies were slapping together on every thrust and almost coming apart on each return stroke. The rhythm increased steadily until we seemed to be parts of a sewing machine, and she was starting to come unglued every time I thrust into her and my cock penetrated her womb.
Finally, she cried out that she was cumming, and I quickly followed in turn. My cock was deep inside of her womb emptying the contents of my balls into her, and her pussy was spasming around me, squeezing me hard, milking every bit of cum out of me. For the first time in my life, I was in paradise in a warm, wet pussy with ecstasy running throughout my body.
I don't know if I passed out right then or if we lay there a while before falling asleep, but the result was me waking up with her pussy once again tight around my cock. Somehow, we had reversed positions, and she was laying on top of me, I could feel her pussy sliding up and down on my cock as I came to.
"Are you back with me?" she asked.
"I don't know," I replied.
I glanced at my watch and saw that it was about 0300 hours, so I guess I had sincan oral yapan escortlar been asleep for a while. It didn't take me long, though, to enjoy what my cock was doing inside of her pussy, and soon I was thrusting up into her.
"Oh God, that feels so good," she said, leaning over to kiss me.
"Oh yeah," I replied. "I have never felt anything this good."
"You hurt me last night when you pushed all the way into me," Eve said. "I didn't even know that was possible."
She continued, "I have watched my parents many times, and it seems like my father's cock is barely inside of my mother when they are fucking. He only lasts for about a minute, so I wasn't expecting how deep you went or how long it took before you shot your seed into me. I don't think my mother has ever experienced what I felt tonight. I want more, and I want it with you."
I didn't know what to say, but I was more than willing to continue doing what we were doing now. Over the years, I have learned that it is sometimes best to not say anything at all. She could have controlled the depth I was in her, but on every thrust, my cockhead was fully entering her womb. It actually felt like I was going deeper inside her than I had been the night before.
Eventually, I couldn't take any more, and I started jetting loads of sperm into the depths of her womb. It must have triggered something inside her because her pussy started spasming and releasing lubrication onto my groin. Again, we were both exhausted, and we quickly fell asleep. The next time I woke, it was because my alarm was going off, telling me to go to the base.
Eve wasn't willing to let me go without one more climax, though, so we went into the shower, where I fucked her standing up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was bouncing up and down on my cock with her back to the wall. For my part, I was thrusting up into her with all of my strength.
I seriously doubted whether I would be able to run very far that morning once I got back to the base. At that point, though, I didn't care. This little Filipina had just showed me how to find paradise, and nothing else mattered. My climax came fairly quickly and very deep inside her womb, and Eve was cumming right along with me.
It was time to get cleaned up and go to the base. Eve asked if she would see me again, and I said, "Of course. Meet me this afternoon when I come back from the base."
With that, we both headed out, and I didn't see her again until that evening. When I got back to my room, Eve was standing at my door. She had a black eye.
Eve said the mamasan had told her that she had lost the bar a lot of money by having sex with me, and that the mamasan had slapped her hard. She ran away from the bar. She didn't know where to go, so she came back to my room. Eve had refused to tell the mamasan where my room was, and she had made sure that she wasn't followed.
Eve asked if she could stay with me. I told her that I didn't know when I would be leaving, but she was welcome to stay until I left.
Later that night, Tom came to my door. He had been back to the same bar, and they had asked where I was. He told them we had just met that night in a restaurant, and he didn't know where I was staying. From the way he described it, I had really opened a hornets' nest.
Tom looked at Eve's black eye and said, "You two should lay low for a while. Fields Avenue isn't safe for either of you. Have the transit office move you."
The next day, I went into the transit office, and they graciously moved me to a room away from Fields Avenue. Eve stayed with me in my new room, and we had our dinners together in the new hotel's restaurant. Other than my daily running and range time, there didn't seem to be a good reason to go out anyway. I had all I wanted right there in the room with me.
Any time I was out of the room, Eve just stayed put. My life was paradise for the next few days. Eve and I fucked at least a few times every night, and we tried several new positions.
It turned out that my flight to Thailand left on the seventh day, and there wasn't really any way for me to contact Eve when I returned from Southeast Asia since I was never on a set schedule. I also couldn't ever find her (and I tried).
I assume that she found another job someplace in Angeles City, but who knows? There were probably more than a hundred bars, all looking for girls. She would just have to avoid the bar where I met her. Maybe she went to Manila where she could find the work she was actually looking for as a maid or nanny.
I was just an airman first class at the time, so there was no way that I could have paid for her to get back home to Cebu. From what she said, that wouldn't have been an option anyway. Her parents would have been ashamed of her. I did give her a little money before I kissed her goodbye by sticking it in her bag. I knew she wouldn't take it otherwise.
Even though I transited through Clark twenty-four times during the course of the Vietnam War, that was the last time I ever saw Eve. I wish her well. Maybe, if circumstances were different, we might have developed something together, but that wasn't to be.
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