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Glory Hole Favors Ch. 02

Post #1

"Was I going to be as good to him as I was to his buddy?" I thought. "What choice did I have?"

The first thing the guy behind me did, was to jamb two stiff fingers up my ass really hard. He twisted them around, jabbing them in and out while exploring the soft smooth walls of my ass with no regard for my comfort or feelings. Secured to the wall by my waist, neck, wrists and ankles, I just stood there and let him roughly finger my tender just fucked ass. There wasn't much else I could do. Probing and poking his fingers deep into my ass, I felt him extend them all the way into my bottom while he pinched my ass cheeks extremely hard and aggressively with his other hand. I felt his teeth nibbling on my ear lobe tenderly, while I inhaled the scent of my own semen on his breath, as his tongue next began probing in my ear.

On the other side of the wall, his friend had started working his magic on my just spent cock. Even though I had just cum moments ago, and my cock was still a little tender, it was still fairly tumescent. In just a matter of seconds, his gentle sucking on my cock head had me stiffening up both fatter and longer while his friend had his way with my ass.

I couldn't help myself for what I subconsciously did next. The feeling of my half full ass from his fingers just wasn't enough after that first time butt fucking I had just been submitted too. I had probably been moving my hips involuntarily back to his hand as much as I could in my restrained position, before I realized what I was doing. He must have noticed my ass trying to hump his fingers long before I did.

"You like that ass played with huh?" he whispered in my ear.

"Yea man, I never knew this could be so good," I groaned back.

"Well, you just relax and enjoy it. I'm going to make that hot little pussy of yours feel so good that you will offer it up to any hard cock you see in the future," he taunted me.

With that comment, he removed his fingers and locked his mouth onto the back of my neck sucking and biting hard on my soft flesh. He then guided his hard thick cock right onto my wide open puckered asshole and gently slid it up a few inches into my cum lubricated channel. He was thicker and longer than his friend, but that suited me just fine, cause I wanted to be abused now. I wanted to test my limits and see how much cock I could handle.

I grunted a few times and I'm sure a moan or two escaped my lips, encouraging him to push in deeper, while he purposely sucked a deep hickey on my upper back. Even though his sucking on my flesh felt good, I didn't want any hickeys that I would have to hide from my girlfriend, but fastened to the glory hole wall I was completely immobile.

"Please Lara Travesti don't put any hickeys on me, I have a girlfriend and she can't know about this. No marks please," I pleaded.

"Hush up sissy boy, I'm just marking my territory, You know you like it," he laughed back at me.

With that comment, he picked up the saliva soaked underwear off the dirty floor and shoved them back into my mouth. With my mouth now gagged, I couldn't even complain anymore as he moved his mouth to a higher spot on my neck and started sucking another hunk of flesh hard into his mouth. I'll admit, his mouth and raspy whiskers did feel good but, I had no idea how I was going to hide these passion marks from my girlfriend when she saw me. While he kept up this hard sucking on my neck and back, his hard cock slowly slid deeper into my ass.

I just closed my eyes and moaned while the guy on the other side started really taking some hefty gulps on my cock. I definitely remembered his technique from past experiences. He was a "choker", he loved to have his throat fucked and reamed deep. Since I couldn't thrust my hips forward because of the tight restraints holding me to the glory hole, he was forcing his tight throat channel onto my fully hard 10 inch cock while attempting to deep throat it. My cock had now swollen to it's full length and thickness as I heard him gag and choke from behind the wall. I loved a "choker" and the noises they made, it was so rare to find someone that could swallow my thickness and length.

The guy behind me had gotten all but about 2 inches up my ass now. I could feel the closeness and warmth of his stomach and groin area as he down stroked deep into me. He was really marking my back up with those hickeys. I'm sure I had at least a dozen deep red passion marks on the sides of my neck and back that would not go away for weeks. It really wasn't my biggest concern at that moment to be honest, I was more concerned with that stuffed full feeling in my ass.

Next he put both of his hands on my hips, holding me roughly, and drove deep til he filled my ass completely with his fat bloated cock. He pressed his warm chest into me, taking my ass as he liked, while he bit so deep into my neck that I thought he would draw blood.

All I could do now was go with it. I clawed and scratched on the wood with my fingernails while my wrists remained tightly secured and restrained to the wall above my head. My toes curled and my feet arched under his vicious assault on my ass while I squeezed my eyes shut as hard as I could. His stomach was now pressing flat into my ass, so I knew he had bottomed out. He ground it in hard and deep, almost like he was punishing me. It Manavgat travesti hurt at times, but combined with the deep sucking on the other side of the wall, I was starting to become overwhelmed. That fat thick cock was rubbing back and forth over my prostate, making a steady rhythmic massage that felt so good in my bowels. I started getting that itchy feeling in my ass again and my whole body started shaking now.

The guy fucking my ass knew he had me now and just redoubled his efforts, ramming me harder, faster and deeper, as he sucked on a hunk of flesh right under my ear lobe. I could feel his cock start to swell and combined with the deep throat blow job I was getting, my ass started to spasm and my cock started to spew.

"Cum on my cock you new born faggot sissy bitch. You know you love that hard fat dick up your ass. From now on, I bet you're going to want a hard fat cock in your ass every time you come here. I bet you are going to be a giver as well as a taker from now on. In fact, you're probably going to become a bona fide flaming ass hungry for cock faggot after today is over," he laughed at me.

Those words burned so true in my ears, that I think I might have blushed. What he had just said definitely put me over the edge. I could feel his cum start to spray deep into my ass, while at the same time I let my load fly deep into the cock sucker's mouth. He just kept shooting wad after wad of juice deep in my ass til I felt his cock start to soften and then he eased his pace down to a slow fuck. For several minutes he slowly sawed in and out of my butt, while his friend on the other side locked down and milked every single drop from now cock.

On the other side of the wall, I was spent, my balls were bone dry. Totally drained now, my own cock started to soften, as that was now the second enormous load I had fired in the last ten minutes. Releasing my cock from his mouth, I sensed the cock sucker was finished and felt a cool breeze swish along my cock and balls that were still hanging so vulnerably through the glory hole as he exited his stall.

The guy behind me had withdrawn and was buttoning up his jeans when I sensed his friend had now entered my booth too.

"Aw dude. What the fuck did you do to his back?" his friend exclaimed, referring to all the hickeys on me. "It looks like you ate him alive."

"Fuck him, just something for him to remember us by," his buddy replied.

"Ha-ha, yea ok, well come on let's let him down and get the hell out of here," I heard the response from the other guy.

"Yea, well, you go on, I'll take care of him. See you when I get home," he replied.

With that comment, I relaxed somewhat Side travesti knowing their tormenting was over. As I heard one of them leave, I knew I had learned my lesson. If I was ever crazy enough to come here again, I would definitely return favors.

I was kinda confused which one had stayed behind to release me, because I was still tightly strapped into the glory hole and couldn't turn my head any farther around to see my uninvited guest's face. I was just glad that this was finally over and he was getting ready to let me down. I ached from head to toe, and especially in the middle. Both my ass and cock were sore and spent.

At that moment I heard the adjoining stall's door, that they had previously occupied, open and sensed someone had entered and was now locking that door. I'm sure they saw my tender deflated cock hanging through the hole in the wall on their side as if I were willingly offering it to them, cause the next thing I felt was a soft hand caressing me.

I frantically tried to pry my hips away from the wall as the guy behind me sensed what was happening to my cock and just laughed.

"Another admirer so quickly. Well aren't you special. I think the best thing for you is to stay tied to that a hole for a while so we can make this a most memorable day for you. So with that, it's adios from me faggot. Oh yea, one more thing," he laughed.

As I panicked with the underwear stuffed in my mouth, wanting to plead for my release, I felt him writing something on my back I felt the deep strokes of what felt like a felt tipped permanent maker making big letters on my bare exposed back, and then a long stroke that felt like an arrow that ended above the crack of my ass.

"Oh yea, and since you've been such a good boy, next time we see you here, were going to teach you how to suck a dick," he laughed again.

By now, this new stranger on the other side of the wall, had taken my sore and tender cock into his mouth and was starting to suck on it. As he gently nursed on it, I squirmed and strained against the straps that held me pressed to the glory hole in the wall, pleading silently but frantically with my eyes and body movements to my captor to release me.

"There that ought to make for a fun day for you. Ta-ta bitch, enjoy yourself, and don't forget to return sexual favors in the future," he laughed as he exited and left my stall's door wide open.

Frantically squirming against the straps, while some unseen stranger was slurping on my hardening cock, he left me there to the mercy of anyone walking by. It wasn't even one minute after he left, that I heard the door behind me close and felt someone standing right behind me. Much later, after my eventual release by the video arcade's clean up man, that thank God took pity on me, I read the message that he had written on my back.

It said, "Please fuck my hungry faggot ass everybody and anybody, I really need your hard cock badly."

To be continued...
03 Ekim 2023, at 13:29

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