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Game of Thrones Chapter 1: Daenerys Targaryan: The Dragon's Bride

Post #1

After years of absence from this site and from writing sex story, It's time to make a come back. For those who wonder, I'll try to continue my Ring of Salazar story from where I left it ( I lost chapters of it in a comp crash and it made me discouraged of it.) but for now I'll post this first part of a Game of Thrones fanfic I started. Like the real book, I'll probably use different characters for each parts.

Like my Potter fanfic, this will be extremely hardcore stuff! Also, I'm still not prefect in English so be indulgent! Good Reading!

Part1: Daenerys: The Dragon's Bride

Daenerys was looking at the view, perched at the top of the high hill Drogon had land on. They had left the fighting pit of Meereen two days ago and the young woman was famish. The dragon had eaten a entire lamb he had gripped in the field this morning. The charred remains where still smoking and diffusing the flagrance of burned flesh. She had try to eat some of the chunk of meat, roasted black, still left on the carcass but, they were hard as stone and only made her thirst even more extreme.

-You could've hunt one for me too you know?, the dragon queen said.
She turned again to watch in the direction of Meereen and felt a hint of despair. She looked back at the dragon who was now tucking himself in a ball to get some sleep.

-Drogon! We are going now!, screamed Dany while turning to look directly at the beast who made no move, eyes close.

The mother of the dragon took a small rock on the ground and throw it at the creature. Not too hard for she didn't want to injure him more than he was. The scars left by the lances and arrows in the pit where already healed but, she knew her baby was still in some level of pain. Yet, she couldn't stay here any longer. Her stomach was growling and Meereen needed her.

When the dragon felt the rock hit him, he jerked his long neck up in one swift moment and shot a jet of fire directly at her. The fire was hot, but it did not burn her. It was actually feeling good and she felt arouse between her leg. Unfortunately, her clothes were not fire proof and she found herself naked.

Her nipple hardened by the cold air of the mountain, Daenerys Targaryan tried her best not to scream at Drogon again. The dragon was back in foetus position, eyes close. The girl walked to him and climb swiftly on his back but, with a simple jerk from the beast, she was down in the cold mud on all four. He face came an inch from hitting a big pile of dragon shit he had dump sooner. The stench was unbearable. If someone could have seen the woman's eyes at this moment, they would never doubt the young girl was blood of dragons for they show fierce anger. Unfortunately for her, Drogon didn't give a shit.

If she had been able to talk more with her new advisor, Tyrion Lannister, before her unwanted departure, Maybe Dany would have learn a thing or two about dragon. The imp was the world first knowledge about dragon, having read all the book on the subject.

If she had talked to him, she would have known that Drogon was entering his teenage years and was bound to dispute her authority. In his teenage years, he was also having his first sexual heat.

Before Daenerys could get back up, Drogon was on her. One of his winged claw he used as hand came crashing on her head, forcing her face straight into his pile of shit. She screamed in surprise and was reward with a mouth full of dragon shit. He nostril were packed full of feces and the foul stench invade all her world. It was şişli bayan escort the worst moment of her life... Lot worst than her first night with her first husband Drogo,... And it was only the beginning...

Drogon still pinning her with his front claw, not realizing he was suffocating his mother in his own excrement, place himself in position.

Once again, If Dany had ask Tyrion about Dragon's mating, he would have explain that dragon are genderless. When dragons mates, the more dominant one take the male role and the weaker one the female. All dragons haves dicks but no vagina. Their reproductive system is in their ass.
The dominant dragon fuck the other's ass, plant his seed and the other lay eggs soon after.

The only thing on Dany's mind right now was the fear of drowning in dragon's dung. She had not realize that Drogon's giant dick was peaking out of his sleeve and pointing directly at her anus.

She was about to feint from the lack of air, the rotten smell and the inhuman taste in her mouth. She was trashing all around, her little body wiggling around under the beast, doing all she could to free her head from the pounding grip.

Drogon, who was about to fuck his mother and show him he was the boss now, was frustrated since he could not line his cock with the so desired asshole. Removing his paw from his bitch's head, he replaced it at the small of her back.

As soon as he removed his paw from her scalp, The dragon queen lifted it from the foul pile of shit. Still on all four, with her face full of shit, she first pushed out the big log of scat in her mouth with her tongue, which did not removed the taste from it. She took a deep breath in as life came back in her.
She was about to snort out the dung blocking her nostril when Drogon pushed with his paw on her back so that she stick out her butt and speared her from behind without loosing a heart beat.

The scream the young girl let out resonated all over the plains and Mountains around. The shit in her nose and mouth was ejected as all the air in her was push out. She was now suffocating again but by her back end.

In one swift strike, the dragon buried haft his one foot long dick in the quivering bitch. His dick wasn't as long as a horse's cock but it was larger. With haft of his tool in her, Dany's asshole was already spread more than if he ex husband had fuck her with his two fist at the same time.

Drogon kept pushing with a steady force. The dragon queen had never look at her sons dick before, nor she could right now. If she could have, she might have faint already out of fear...

Once again, if she had asked Tyrion, he would have explain that since dragon's mating is so brutal because of the dominancy game, the penis of dragon is specially design not to come out for a time once in. Once fucked deep, the submitted dragon could not run without ripping his ass apart.
Dragon's cock used two tricks to achieve such feat. First, all along the length of the dick where ribbon spike curving inward. They would only unpleasantly scratch the inside on entry... But dragon didn't fuck... The impale their mate and lock in like dog's do. If the bitch tried to run, by reflex the spike would start to get out of the dick.

The second tricks the used to stay impale in their mate was the same as dogs.The base of their cock was shape like a ball which inflate in the partner when all the penis is inside.
Drogon's knot was already two time the size of Dany's fist. But, she didn't know all that at şişli escort the moment.

Drogon kept pushing more of his dick inside her until only the knot remains. Daenerys Targaryan felt completely full of cock. Weirdly, she wasn't feeling any pain. Drogon's cock was so hot it send her waves of pleasure in her brain.
She thought she had his entire cock in her and fear he would start to fuck her hard so when he remove his claw from her back to steady himself, she made a move forward to dislodge herself from her son.

Drogon growled but, didn't stop her . Slowly and with shaky limbs, she edge forward. She wasn't smelling the pile of shit under her nose anymore as she moved over it. She only had two inches of the cock out when she felt the little ribbon on the cock expand in her slowly. It was like the cock was becoming even fatter. Her pussy quivered near orgasms. She moved not even an inch, when she felt the most blistering pain in her poop chute. It was like dozen of needle where gripping her bowel. If she had move just a little more she would have ripped herself open. She pushed back and the ribbon felt back in the cock. Too bad for her that Drogon took this as a sign she had resign and accepted her place and rammed his knot inside the shaking bitch.

Dany launched into the biggest orgasm of her life. Sensing his slave spasm around his cock made Drogon roar powerfully. His knot, already too big for the Mother of dragons to escape swelled to the size of a pineapple.

Dany's eyes rolled back into her head as her world became the cock in her ass. Her mind was blank and empty, filled to overflow with pleasure. It was like Drogon's dick was up to her brain. Her tongue drop from her mouth, panting. She came like a volcano.

Feeling the hole he was fucking grip his dick, Drogon came too... Wanting nothing but to empty his balls into his bitch. Too bad for Daenerys Targaryan that she wasn't a dragon...

Tyrion would have explain, if asked how dragon can give birth with anal sex, that dragons have a chamber pocket in their body, which is connected to the bowel and which sole purpose is to collect the sperms. Then, in this pouch, the eggs would forms and when ready, the dragon would only have to shit them out like taking a dump.

But, the mother of dragon did not own such a pouch in her ass. There was not special place in her to collect all the cum Drogon was about to shoot in her anus. She didn't care at that point, her mind was fucked by Drogon's dick and she could not anticipate what would happen now even if she knew about it. Her mind was still cumming all over the dick in her.

When Drogon had push his knot in her, she was push down against the ground, her breast and tight belly were press hard in the pile of Drogon's dung. The shit has smear all around her when she was force down into it. At least her face was free but, she was now cover in dragon's dejection. Her overly pleasured mind was already making strange connection. Her subconscious was rewired, connecting the smell of beast foul crap to extreme pleasure. If the monster in her had given her the time, she would have bury her face back in the shit and bask in the smell just to achieve orgasm again... But, she did not had to...

Drogon knew it was time to impregnable his mate. His cock started to spasm making Dany entire body shook with it.

The small girl felt a hot torrent explode inside of her. It was burning like lava but for Dany, the extreme heat was pure pleasure and her mind was overloaded with the mecidiyeköy escort sensation of hot dragon cum packing all her inside. The heat also made her able to feel the cum as it made it way to her stomach. In a matter of seconds, she was packed full of dragon's sperm and could almost feel them swim inside her. But, Drogon kept cumming and her belly started to expend. A couple of minutes later, she was looking like a month pregnant and he kept going...

Soon, there was no more place for the cum to store. Daenerys Targaryan thought she was about to explode as she felt the cock spasm in her once more and again an orgasm took hold of her body, destroying the last human thought in her mind. The Mother of Dragons was reduce to being a dragon's fuck sleeve.

Since, no cum could leak pass the tight fit of her ass, seal shut by a massive dragon's knot, the sperm could not go anywhere but farther up the quivering bitch. It was force back into her stomach, packing her belly from the wrong side.

The former dragon queen, now dragon's fuck toy, felt sick even as her mind was melting with orgasms. She began to throw up semen. The cum was push inside her ass and each time, she puked some out of her mouth but, Drogon was packing her more rapidly then the flow could get out. She had become a cum fountain. As sperm started to leak from her nose too, Dany's brain came back down to earth as it realized she would soon suffocate, drown in cum. She was not feeling the pain and the pleasure anymore, only panic and the desire to live, desperate to take a breath.

Daenerys Targaryan thought it was the end for her, the end of the Targaryan line. Still frantically trying to inhale some air, she was crying until she felt pressure behind her eyes and understood that her tears were made of cum. The liquid trying to find ways to get out was now leaking from her eyes too. He last conscious thought was that it was the end now.

And then she felt it, the gushing inside her stopped, Drogon was now finish and after a couple of second, she could finally draw some air in her lung in between the last gush of semen coming from her mouth. She was still lock on the cock, pack full of cum but, she felt life running into her. Too live was now her only goal, the only thing on her mind. She was not feeling the cock not think of her predicament, she was breathing hard from fatigue, all her orgasms and the suffocation and her body and mind were just trying to get some strength back.

Dany did not hear the rolling thunder of the thousand horses rapidly approaching the seclude spot her and Drogon were hiding to. The dragon did heard them coming. He was not afraid of horses nor man but, it was a full kalasaar coming at them. By instinct, the beast knew he had to fly away. He was done, he had made sure his linage would survive with a good breeding and now it was him who needed to assure his own survival.

Not minding that his mate was still knotted with him, he took off, flapping his great wings to go up. Daenerys was lift by the butthole in the air. Each swing of his wings would give a hard stroke, the gravity pulling her down. When they were about two meter high, Drogon's knot finally swell down, from his pineapple size to a fist size and with a loud plopping sound, Dany dislodge from him and came crashing down. She landed directly in the pile of Drogon's poo and all the cum she had puke, knocking her unconscious. A couple of minutes later, the first riders arrived at her sight. They found her lying in shit, with cum oozing from her ruined ass.

-Get her to the Khal!, said one of the Blood rider in Dothraki. I guess she can make a good fuck toy for his horse.

Too be Continue...?
02 Aralık 2022, at 19:53

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