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Shots Straight Up, Or With A Twist?

Post #1

It all happened during one of those three-day weekend parties - the kind where you take advantage of the extra day off of work to go out and have a bit more fun. Jessica and I had been going out together for about a month at this point, introduced by mutual friends at one of the local bars and we'd just kind of ended up together. Neither of us was a big partier or anything, but we did like hanging out and socializing after a long week, sharing stories and laughs about our day and gossiping about people we knew. We'd started fooling around together pretty quickly, but it was nothing kinky or wild; just two consenting adults who felt a mutual attraction and took advantage of the opportunity. Some nights we ended up at her place, others at mine, and once we'd even done the quickie-in-a-park in the back of her car like a couple of teenagers. Some simple dirty talk and teasing each other, we found out we both liked oral and teasing, and fun, everyday vanilla sex - pretty much the same as most of the other couples around us I guess.

Anyway, here we were at a friend's country house for a cookout, enjoying the warm weather and having a couple of beers as we chatted. I was helping cook the food and joking with my buddies, while she and the girls were in their own corner of the yard laughing just as loud; but both of us certainly trading flirty glances and smiles as the afternoon turned into evening. Jessi was looking even more attractive than I normally found her, wearing the pretty girl's summer outfit of some cutoff jean shorts and a black tank top, her auburn hair in a pony tail as she smiled and teased me. She was at that great age and figure which the magazines ignore - curvy enough to fit perfectly in my arms, but without being out of shape, and old enough to have some maturity and experience but still with that twinkle of "Let's get crazy!" in her eyes when she smiled. I know whether she was just standing there in the sun, or doing that walk that women have, I enjoyed watching her every second; and it was even better when we were alone together and naked.

After the sun went down things started heating up for the group as a whole; people pairing off into couples they were with or had just met as we all sat around the small bonfire. She snuggled up next to me as we both continued to joke and hang out with the crowd. A few of the pairs were already making out under the stars, apparently not caring about their surroundings; but most of us were just enjoying our drinks and having fun. I'm not sure who it was that brought out the bottle of tequila but somehow shots started going around for those who were interested. We kept laughing and watching the antics as things got a bit rowdier, one of the girls showing the others how to do a "body shot" as her boyfriend appreciatively helped. Several others in the crowd quickly followed suit, as the bottle worked around the edge of the crowd with the couples taking drinks from each other's necks or chests, or even abdomen in the case of one particular guy. When it reached us Jessi laughed, telling them "No thanks, I can't handle tequila!" I feigned disappointment briefly then smiled and kissed her neck as we snuggled a bit closer while it moved on.

A few minutes later she looked at me and said "Be right back," as she got up and pranced away towards the house. I took another sip of my beer, thinking idly about how soon we might slip away and find our tent in the field, or if this was going to turn into an all-night drinking and joking festival. Either way I was certainly happy to be with a pretty girl on a summer night like this. While I was sitting there pondering Jessica came back up behind me, leaning down holding a bottle of Jack Daniel's in one hand as she grabbed mine in her other. "But I do like a shot of bourbon now and then," she whispered in my ear with a giggle, as she pulled me up by the hand leading me towards my truck parked to the side of the house with the rest. It seemed like every few steps we'd stop and trade a kiss, our hands exploring the other's body through our clothes as things started to heat up - both of us just buzzed enough to be a little wild, but nowhere near drunk yet.

Moving out of the campfire and under the moonlight we reached the back of my truck as she opened the tailgate with a twinkle in her eye. I watched her climb up and lean back in the bed as she motioned me to join her with a finger and a sultry smile. I eagerly joined Jessi, both of us leaning back and pressing against each other as we continued to kiss, the music of the party and the view of the river with the woods beyond forgotten in the feel of each other's mouth. One of the things I loved about dating her was that Jessica had reminded me just how much fun making out could be - kissing, from soft pecks to tongues entwining; hands teasing through clothes; the grind of bodies without fulfillment - the kind of foreplay I hadn't done since I was a teen, but that seemed to drive both of us wild.

After a few minutes erotik film izle of growing heat while our mouths worked together she pulled away, twisting the cap off and taking a drink straight from the bottle as she smiled at me. Wrapping her hand in my hair she tugged my lips to hers once more, our tongues meeting as the sweet, smokey taste of the whiskey she just swallowed mixed with the heat of her tongue and lips. I took a drink in turn, sputtering a bit at the hit of the alcohol while she laughed, but then rolling her onto her back as I moved above her, kissing her deeply and passionately once again while she pressed her body up to meet mine.

A few moments later Jessi pushed me away softly, looking into my eyes as she grinned, "So, how about that body shot?" I couldn't help but grin back as I watched her tease the neckline of her shirt down until it exposed the top portion of her breasts, obviously unrestrained by a bra as she pressed her arms together with her cleavage forming a tanned, tempting valley. I moved to straddle her body with mine, pouring the golden liquid down into the enticing space just exposed - unfortunately it got a bit away from me in my eagerness, splashing and overflowing as the excess ran down her neck. Jessica just laughed at me as she said "Well, now you'll have to clean that up!" as she pulled my head down. The taste of the bourbon mixed with the sweat on her skin as I kissed and licked and nipped gently at her neck; not enough of it like I was doing a shot, more like I was enjoying a glazed treat as I let my mouth explore her skin and enjoyed her soft moans at my touch. I made sure to give clean up my best efforts, working from her sternum across the firm top of each breast and then her delicate collarbones beneath taut skin, then along her neck tracing the veins with my tongue as I teased just under each ear.

Jessi continued to breathe faster and run her fingers through my hair as I did so, until she finally pushed me away and said "My turn now." I was kneeling beside her once more as we both worked my shirt off over my head, she then smiled impishly as she took the bottle and dribbled a bit of the Jack into the hollow on either side of my neck. She then leaned down and it was her turn to tease, her tongue flicking against me as she lapped it up like nectar, then moving to firmer touches and kissing as she got me back. She then started teasing me with small bites and kisses as she moved lower, making her own path to nip at my chest and shoulders while I fought the urge to just grab her and go further.

Finally I couldn't resist, and taking her into my arms I pulled her back up to kiss deeply once more, our tongues aggressively dueling. I doubt that either of us even remembered the others in our party by this point, or that any of them could have rounded the building and seen us going at it in the back of the truck without a care in the world. As we continued to kiss passionately I took my own opportunity to pull her tank top up and off, exposing her perky breasts to the moonlight, the nipples already stiff cinnamon colored buds as my hands brushed over them. Our hands continued to explore each other's torsos as we kissed, while I eased her body back down to lie once more upon the sleeping bag in the truck bed.

Looking deep in her eyes again this time I took the bottle and dribbled my shot into her pierced belly button, the drink contrasting with the silver ring piercing her tan skin. She cooed encouragingly as I leaned down and started to kiss her collarbone again, this time moving lower as she slowly writhed and twisted, trailing my tongue lightly across one nipple then down the center of her stomach, my eyes looking up to meet hers as I extended and twisted my tongue, working it slowly as I teased her naval and tasted more of the liquor. Jessi's legs seemed to naturally wrap themselves about my back as I did so, and my hands easily moved to caress and stroke her hips and thighs as I felt the denim of her shorts pressing against my chin. We both seemed to want the same thing by this point, her hands scrambling to undo the buttons fastening them closed, while mine worked to help wiggle them down her legs until she kicked them to one side, a pair of lacy panties caught in the already damp fabric. I had to pause for a moment to admire the sight before me; Jessica's lovely body laying exposed to my view, her legs open and the soft pink mound between her legs just inches from me, the shaved pussy already visibly swollen and wet and eager for my touch.

I shifted down that little bit, extending my tongue further as I slowly licked along the center of that perfect slit, the taste of the whiskey replaced by the even better taste of her clean, slightly salty juices. I could hear the sharp intake of her breath above me as I touched the sensitive skin, the way her hips pushed up to meet my mouth and she started to grind even more. Teasing a bit more I lightly brushed each of the smooth coral lips with my tongue as I film izle watched her face above me, then slowly but firmly circled the swollen nub of her clit. Jessica gasped even louder at this touch, her free hand grasping the back of my head and pulling it closer to her sex with her fingers tight in my hair. I continued to lick and suck eagerly, letting her moans and reactions shape the way I used my mouth to please her; in return I could almost feel the heat increasing from her pussy and the way her juices were making my face glisten in the moonlight. Jessi had one of those incredible pussies that I couldn't get enough of, whether it was the sexy way it looked, or the silky smooth feel and taste under my mouth, and I was enjoying this as much as she was. While I continued to flick and stroke her clit with my tongue I was also just barely teasing her with the tip of one finger, letting it slide gently along her lips and circle her aching hole, dipping just inside every few moments as I would feel her clench and crave, but never sinking it in. Through it all I could hear her breath coming faster, feel her legs wrapping over my shoulders as she would push her mound to meet my mouth, and just when I knew she was about to beg I slowly slid my finger inside that perfect pussy, stroking the sweet spot I knew she had just a bit inside as I took her clit between my lips and sucked harder. Jessi's moans were even harder at this, and I felt her fingers digging into my head as she gave into the sensations filling her.

Just when I was getting even more into it, and when I knew she was starting up that plateau, she suddenly pushed my head from contact with that moist, hot skin. I looked up at her questioningly only to see her with an even bigger twinkle in her eye as she gasped "body shots, remember?" while holding the bottle of Jack in her free hand. I laughed softly at this with her, taking the bottle from her as she kind of scooted her hips back and leaned on her elbows; instead of fully laying down now she was raised just enough that she was able to look down between her own legs and see what I was doing. We both watched closely as I tilted the bottle once more, the golden liquid dripping out to run first through the tiny patch of hair she kept at the top of her slit, and then to drip down between the lips of her pussy joining the juices already there. Jessica jumped just a bit at the touch of the whiskey, whether from the temperature or the alcohol I don't know, but then moaned again appreciatively as I leaned forward extending my tongue and let her stare as I slowly licked every drop clean. It's not that the bourbon added some magical flavor that mixed with hers, in fact it was a bit overpowering - I think it was more the concept for both of us, the idea that we were taking things just that little bit farther... It was Jessica's turn to dribble the shot this time, splashing far more than she intended I'm sure as it coated not only her pussy but splashed onto her thighs and dripped down the crack of her tanned ass as well. "MMMmmmm fuck yes, lick me more," I heard her say as I buried my face between her legs again, letting my tongue do it's best to clean every sticky drop from the wet mound before me, "oh yes, eat my pussy that's it." I certainly wasn't going to refuse a lady as I used my mouth to please her more, sucking at her clit again, licking along the edges or even fucking her with my tongue, and a few times just lightly teasing with my teeth as she would gasp and continue to talk dirty throughout.

After a minute or two of this ecstasy Jessica poured another shot of the burning liquor down to meet the juncture of my mouth and her cunt, dripping over both of us as I let my tongue follow the fresh trail. I don't think either of us really planned it, but as her legs spread to ease my access my tongue moved lower and brushed against the puckered rim of her asshole where some of the whiskey had dripped. I felt Jessi jump and squirm at the touch, but she quickly whisper-gasped "Do that again," as she wriggled her hips down a bit more. I'd rimmed a couple of girls in the past, but only brief passes as we were playing with each other - this was the first time I'd been asked to continue in such a way. I don't know how much Jessi had done this, but I think we were both a bit curious as I stiffened my tongue and continued to lick and explore the sensitive skin of this intimate place. I felt her hand leave the back of my head, reaching down to pull herself open and ease my access, while she dripped just a bit more of the Jack Daniels down as I started to lick and tongue fuck her asshole. At the same time I continued to finger-fuck her wet pussy just above my mouth, the whole time her mouth a stream of "fuck yes, lick my ass, oh God it's good, don't stop, fuck baby use that tongue," and the like.

Meanwhile, I was letting my lips and tongue explore both her ass and her pussy in turn, enjoying the difference in taste and sensation between each of her holes as she shook under seks filmi izle my touch. Both of us had forgotten all about the body shots by this point - I was focused on the way it felt to taste and tease and touch her with my fingers and mouth, knowing that it was pleasing her so; and Jessica was obviously focused on her impending climax. I could feel it approaching in how she talked and moved under my mouth, but I was stunned at the force with which we clenched down on me with her thighs while almost ramming her body up to meet my mouth and a large "Ooohhhh fucccckkkkkkk!!!!!!" filled the air around us. The juices of her pussy soaked my mouth and face even more as she clasped down on the two fingers inside her tightly while squirming against my still-questing tongue. I slowly eased the pressure and intensity of my oral teasing, having learned that Jessica had a few minutes of sensitivity after she came where she needed to catch her breath before moving onto the next. I used the opportunity to continue softly licking every bit of the bourbon I could from her sweet skin, already throbbing in my own pants just from the pleasure I gave her.

As I could hear and feel Jessica coming back down under my touch I reluctantly moved my mouth from between her thighs, and slowly climbed up her body to kiss her. She took my head in her hands again, kissing me back passionately as her tongue explored mine and her eyes were filled with a level of lust I had rarely seen before. I felt her grinding her naked body against mine, and my cock was aching to escape my jeans and continue our fun. Before I could even voice the suggestion though her eager hand was reaching between us, undoing the button on my jeans and helping me slide them off to drop to the ground behind us. In the next instant it was my turn for a sharp intake of breath, as her soft hand gripped my hard cock firmly, stroking it up and down as she continued to rub it between our heated bodies.

We continued to kiss, my one hand reaching around to grab the small of her back as she wrapped a leg around me, rubbing the throbbing head of my hardness along her wet slit and returning some of the teasing I had just given her. I worked my hips against her in turn, enhancing the pleasure without forcing things as she giggled softly into my mouth while circling her still-swollen clit with the tip. We both moaned at once then as Jessi's hand eased my shaft to the perfect position, and I entered her smoothly in one stroke as we came together. The feeling of being inside her was like heaven, a warm silken glove clasping and squeezing at me as my rigidity slowly pushed in and out while we lay beside each other.

Despite these perfect feelings neither of us were in the mood for slow, soft love-making. Even though our mouths continued to explore each other's mouths, necks and shoulders, it only took a few moments before she pushed against my shoulder until I was laying on my back in the pickup bed. With the same motion she smoothly shifted above me, her legs straddling mine as she leaned her upper body back and began to ride me. As Jessi began to grind up and down on my prick I let my own hands reach up to rub and tease her stiff nipples and firm breasts. My own hips pushed up to meet her, both of us fucking together as she looked down upon me with a smile, biting her lip and panting slightly as I felt her clamp down on me with her pussy each time she sank to the base. "MMmmm do you like me fucking you baby?" she asked as she bounced, punctuating each word with a squeeze and a grind against the base of my cock.

The way she looked under the moonlight, the campfire behind her, how I could see her wet pussy taking me in and the way her eyes glistened in the night, were all the kind of passionate, hot sex that you know you'll remember for ages. My cock was harder than ever despite the booze, and I could feel her cunt soaking us both in her own arousal. Yet despite all this Jessica still had her mischievous streak running, picking up the bottle of Jack Daniels to take yet another hit with a laugh before handing it down to me. I'll admit I barely managed to get any of it down as she "helped" pour the shot, sputtering with my own laughter and the burn of the alcohol, but loving every fucking moment of this. It was my turn to pull her to me, our mouths meeting again as we kissed the taste from each other's mouth, and my hand stroking her spine from the base of her neck to the top of her ass.

I'm not sure if it was her idea or mine, but we seemed to move as one as she lifted off of me and moved to her hands and knees on the sleeping bag in the truck bed, as I moved to kneel behind her. Jessica looked over her shoulder enticingly at me as she spread her legs that perfect amount, my hands finding her hips to move closer as I gazed down upon her slightly parted ass cheeks and the smooth mound of her pussy below. I slowly rubbed the head of my prick up and down the center of that prize, aching for more but knowing it would drive her crazy. I'm not sure how to describe Jessi's laugh/moan/gasp of frustration as she pushed back towards me, but "Stop teasing and fuck me you bastard!" escaping from her mouth surely answered the question of what she wanted.
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